Friday Five: Consumer reports

Friday, March 19, 2021
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What tool did you most recently purchase, and what tool will you purchase next? 3M Command Strips. And um, probably more Command Strips. I have a lot of BTS things to hang up.

  2. What toy did you most recently purchase, and what toy will you purchase next? Hmm, probably these ambient lights from Smoko. Although I guess they're technically lights, not toys. If those don't count, then my BTS TinyTan "MIC Drop" figures. And the next toys I will purchase are the BTS "Dynamite" Funko Pops. (In fact, I may have already put in a pre-order...)

  3. What staple did you most recently purchase, and what staple will you purchase next? I bought a 6-pack of tissue boxes last week. Next staple will probably be a carton of cigarettes tomorrow. 

  4. What did you most recently purchase to give away, and what will you next purchase to give away? I bought a jumbo size bag of assorted Hi-Chew for Chelsea when she invited me for dinner a couple weeks ago. I need to get a belated birthday gift for my friend Amanda (whose birthday was in February) because we're finally meeting up on Monday for the first time in over half a year... but I genuinely don't know what to get her. She's a mom to a toddler and works full-time for a cosmetics company. So, either booze, cash, or a gift card.

  5. What are you most recently glad you did not purchase after consideration? More skincare from Olive Young. I got a coupon for 40% off so I was tempted, but I literally just bought a year's worth of skincare last month and realized how ridiculous I was for even entertaining the thought. 
2 comments on "Friday Five: Consumer reports"
  1. I laughed at "either booze, cash, or a gift card." Yes, perfect. I hope you got her the booze.

    The pie I got for myself was a snickerdoodle pie, and I still haven't finished it. It's fine, but I'm not sure it's worth the calories. I think it needs ice cream. The pie I bought for the office was a chocolate chess pie. It was gone by the next day, of course. I'm glad it wasn't mine. I'm not that into chocolate.

    This is a mini version of the same pie:

    1. I ended up getting her a gift card for the liquor store, LOL.

      Ooh, snickerdoodle pie sounds so good, though! I've never had it, but snickerdoodles are my favourite cookie so maybe I'm biased. I'm also not that into chocolate but chocolate chess pie does sound intriguing. I wonder if these are American pies... I've never seen them here!

      Love that they put a pi sign on that! I will visit you one day and you will have to take me on a food tour. :)


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