Photolog 2020: Day 300 of 366

Monday, October 26, 2020

Had to wake up early today to go to my doctor's to get not one, not two, but four vaccines (in case you're wondering, for the flu, pneumonia, tetanus, and HPV). I figured since I was already out, I would meet my mom to do some essential shopping and get some lunch. So after 20 minutes at the dollar store and an hour at the supermarket, we went to get some pho 'cause the craving was real today and I haven't had it in eight months. (Also, it's officially cold out, and thus, noodle soup season has begun.) Even though it was take out, it was still surprisingly delicious. I used to hate take out noodle soup because you'd always have to re-heat it on the stove and get the noodles loose again, but they've smartened up and now use microwaveable plastic instead of styrofoam with the noodles in a big bowl so it keeps them from molding into a shape as fast. And the soup (which was in a separate container, of course) was so piping hot that I still burned my tongue on it when I got home. SO GOOD.

That having been said, my arms are sore as fuck now.

BTS EPISODE: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


Behind the scenes of one of the most iconic BTS performances of all time. Still can't believe Jimmy Fallon and his team swung this. I remember asking my brother, who lives in Manhattan, "How is it possible that they could clear out Grand Central for BTS to perform there?" And he said, "The only way would be in the middle of the night." And lo and behold, they were there from 2:00AM - 4:00AM. (You can check the clock behind them in the actual performance.)

Also, I find it hilarious (but ADORABLE) that they think the NYC subway is clean. It is notoriously one of the dirtiest, filthiest train systems in the world. As it turns out, the train they used is no longer in regular operation — it only runs from the Bowery to Canal Street — and is rented out for for special events, TV, and film productions. Which also explains how they managed to get an entirely empty train to themselves. But I am glad that they got to experience being able to ride the NYC subway once in their lifetimes. It's something they would never, ever be able to do on their own now.

Photolog 2020: Day 299 of 366

Sunday, October 25, 2020
So, after many, many months, all my BTS x Fila merch finally arrived:

BTS x Fila DNA Tote Bag in Black

BTS x Fila DNA Tote Bag Patches

BTS x Fila DNA Tote Bag in Black

BTS x Fila Festivo '91 IDOL Shoes

BTS x Fila Festivo '91 IDOL Shoes in Black

BTS x Fila Festivo '91 IDOL Shoes (Details)

BTS x Fila Festivo '91 IDOL Shoes in Grey

BTS x Fila Festivo '91 IDOL Shoes in Grey (Details)

BTS x Fila Run BTS! 100th Episode Anniversary Sweatshirt (Front)

BTS x Fila Run BTS! 100th Episode Anniversary Sweatshirt (Back)

BTS x Fila Run BTS! 100th Episode Anniversary Headband (Gift with Purchase)

You know, I've always been very indifferent to Fila. It's just never been a go-to brand for me, maybe because I've never been that big on athleisure in general, but I've always gone for other brands over Fila since I was a kid. But always trust BTS to convince me otherwise.

Photolog 2020: Day 298 of 366

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Ying and I decided to celebrate our days off tomorrow by going for late-night caramel sundaes at McDonald's. Bless those 24-hour drive-thru workers.

Photolog 2020: Day 297 of 366

Friday, October 23, 2020

Decided I had to get a little more creative with my home cooking, so tonight's dinner was herb-and-garlic-crusted haddock with marinara, farfalle with vodka sauce and parmesan, and string beans and carrots. So what if half of it was from frozen? I still had to get out a pot and a pan, so IT'S STILL COOKING.

Friday Five: Z.

This week's Friday Five:
  1. How have you been sleeping lately? TERRIBLY. There is consistently construction noise every single goddamn day here. Now, I understand that it's a new building in a new development and there may very well be construction going on until next year. They're always installing things and fixing things and paving things or whatever. And that's fine because it's normal and necessary, and it's always Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, and there's not always constant noise. What's NOT fine is the fucking ASSHOLE who lives right above me, who decides it's okay to start hammering and drilling REALLY FUCKING LOUDLY starting at 8:00AM EVERY MORNING SINCE I MOVED IN. EVEN SUNDAYS. (It was the Sundays that I realized it was the tenant in the upstairs unit and not the construction workers.) I don't know what the fuck is going on up there, but it seems like they're re-building their ENTIRE FUCKING UNIT.

    Yes, I work nights, so yes, I go to bed at 6:00AM, and I understand that this schedule is the opposite of most people. But I got woken up even after putting in ear plugs AND putting a pillow on top of my head. Even if there aren't other people trying to sleep, there are people who work from home. Who have babies. Who are doing online classes for school. And this FUCKING ASSHOLE is just hammering as loud as fucking possible every fucking day as early as noise laws will allow. And not just for a few minutes. Or even half an hour. It's HOURS AT A TIME. HOW MUCH SHIT DOES THIS GUY NEED TO BUILD?

    It's been a goddamn month of this fucking bullshit, and I had had enough. So I called the management office about this yesterday while the REALLY FUCKING LOUD hammering was going on in the background. I explained to the girl that I may not be able to do anything about the noise because of whatever laws, but I told her that I would move out to my mom's for a while because it was affecting both my physical and mental health, and I just needed an approximate time frame as to when the neighbour would be done hammering everything in sight. The girl I talked to, who could also hear the intense hammering through the phone, said she would give them a call immediately. She must've gotten through, because the RAGING ASSHOLE NEIGHBOUR stopped hammering about two minutes after I got off the phone with the management office. And it was actually quiet this morning, too. If nothing else, the building management is effective AF. (Knock on wood.)

  2. What kinds of linens and stuff do you have on your bed today? The same bedding that I always have. White cotton linens and pillow cases, and a kind of muted, greyish seafoam green duvet cover that has a geometric pattern on it. Weirdly enough, my entire apartment is decked out in BTS and BT21 merch, all colourful and playful, but my bed is surprisingly... mature? Kinda like hotel bedding. (Actually, a lot of my bedding is from Hotel Collection, so I guess it makes sense.)

  3. What's the latest you've gotten out of bed these last few months? About 3:00PM. It was the one Sunday that my raging asshole upstairs neighbour decided he didn't need to hammer shit in the morning.

  4. Have you had any pleasant or unpleasant dreams lately? I distinctly remember waking up from dreams but I rarely remember them about two minutes after I wake up (probably because I realize that I got woken up from the hammering in the upstairs unit and then I get enraged instead). My dreams haven't been vivid enough recently that I'll actually recall them.

  5. What helps you relax these days? Re-reading old young adult novels. I'm currently re-reading "Sloppy Firsts" by Megan McCafferty (for like, the tenth time). It's full of angst and early 2000s references, and it's one of my favourite series from high school. Or possibly ever.

BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] Concert Photo Sketch

BigHit released the stills from BTS' [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] virtual concerts from a couple weeks ago:


BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — "We are Bulletproof, Pt. 2"

BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — "Black Swan"


BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — Jin during "Dionysus"

BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — Suga during "Dionysus"

BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — J-Hope during "Outro: Ego"

BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — Jimin during "Filter"

BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — V during "Inner Child"

BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — Jungkook during "My Time"

BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — RM, J-Hope, and Suga during "UGH!"

BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, and V during "Zero O'Clock"

BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] — "We are Bulletproof: The Eternal"

(Photo credits: BTS Facebook)

Did you hear that? That was the sound of my heart breaking. Because these were some of their most epic performances and the pandemic robbed us of seeing these live.

BTS at America's Got Talent: "Dynamite"

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Still in awe of how BTS made every single performance of "Dynamite" look and feel totally different, all with insanely high quality production. They did all of this just for one song — something that no other artist does for an entire album cycle. Or even their entire career. Imagine how fucking crazy their comeback for BE is gonna be. JUST IMAGINE. I can't fucking wait.

Photolog 2020: Day 296 of 366


I allow myself one pack of instant noodles a week max so I don't overdose on sodium, so this week's pick is Nissin's Shoyu Tonkotsu Pork Ramen with fish balls, beef balls, pork dumplings, and bok choy (I bought a lot of bok choy). Obviously, it doesn't compare to real shoyu tonkotsu ramen, but it actually has a pretty decent flavour profile.

Photolog 2020: Day 295 of 366

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

My mom brought over food for fear that I don't get enough nutrition because she doesn't trust my cooking. (She's not wrong.) So tonight's dinner was Cantonese-style braised beef with daikon radish and rice (with a bowl of bok choy on the side so I don't get scurvy or whatever). It was surprisingly good. I say "surprisingly" because my mother is not a good cook, and I have never been someone that says, "I miss mom's cooking." But hey, I guess it's nice to have some Chinese homecooking. Once in a (very long) while.

BTS EPISODE: 62nd Grammy Awards


I've said it before and I'll say it again: BTS was fucking robbed this year. And to use them just for a 46-second collaboration for "Old Town Road" was fucking sacrilege. Like, WAKE THE FUCK UP, RECORDING ACADEMY.

BTS V LIVE [Suga]: 오랜만이에요


Okay, so it looks like we're getting spoiled with BTS livestreams today. (They must've just come back to the company building from a work schedule because both Kookie and Yoongi are dressed up and have their makeup and hair done.) Yoongi went on V Live just to show us how far he's come with his guitar playing since picking up the hobby during COVID. I gotta say, he's gotten WAY further in a few months than I ever did in the year that I tried learning guitar over 15 years ago. Like, goddamn, he has been DILIGENT with practicing because he can already play songs and put together chords without sheet music or reference guides, and even sing along to them already without slipping up. And it's only been, what, three months?! (I wonder if he plays guitar in any of the songs for the new album? Maybe an unplugged, acoustic BTS song?! I WILL DIE.) When he said he wanted to be a rockstar, he really wasn't kidding. What can't Yoongi do at this point?

BTS Live Logs: 201021 Jungkook


Kookie started a livestream just to let us know that because he was designated to be the MV Project Manager, he was part of the shooting and directing team for their upcoming MV (presumably for the title track of BE - coming out in just under a month!). As a result, he has a directing credit for their upcoming music video but wanted to make it clear that he really didn't have that big a part in it and only contributed a little. (Kookie is known to be very humble and often likes to downplay his significance or efforts, but we know better.) But then he wonders aloud whether we'll be able to pick out which of the cuts in the MV are his, and if we know his artistic style and sensibility. (The answer is YES, because we watch and re-watch GCFs like it's our religion.) I'm incredibly excited for their next comeback, perhaps even more so than with other comebacks (and that is really saying a lot). With the immense involvement from the members on every aspect of production and creation, this album will be like no other release before.

Photolog 2020: Day 294 of 366

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tonight's dinner at home: Spicy chicken alfredo with cremini mushrooms and extra hot pepper flakes. 😋

Run BTS! 2020: Episode 112



Jimin: "I didn't hug him… At some point, I was just in his hug."

Okay, but if BTS School was a real thing, I would happily enroll, never skip class, and graduate with honours.