Unboxing: BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figures

Sunday, June 23, 2024
My BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story figures arrived last week!

This marks the fourth official TinyTAN figure set by HYBE/BigHit, with the "Butter" set from 2022 preceding it, and is the first TinyTAN collaboration with a movie franchise. 

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figures — Outer Boxes

Each BTS TinyTAN member has his own distinct cellophane windowed box with his name and his own illustration based on the Toy Story character he represents. Each figure comes with a stand colour-matched to his character with the name of the respective member and character on the base and one matching sticker each to decorate the stand. The figures measure anywhere from 7.1 to 8.2 cm in height, with all stands measuring 9cm in height, and are made of PVC and ABS plastics. Each figure retails for ₩29,000 or $23.78 USD on Weverse Shop Global. As of the date of this post, each figure is sold out with no updates as to whether they'll be restocked, but there are some non-official merchandise websites that are selling them at inflated prices.

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figures — RM as Woody, Jin as Alien, and Suga as Hamm

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figures — J-Hope as Forky, Jimin as Rex, V as Lotso, and Jungkook and Buzz Lightyear

This collaboration features each BTS TinyTAN member dressed up in a costume of a specific Toy Story character:

  • RM as Woody (Brown)
  • Jin as Alien (Green)
  • Suga as Hamm (Navy)
  • J-Hope as Forky (Aqua)
  • Jimin as Rex (Yellow)
  • V as Lotso (Pink)
  • Jungkook as Buzz Lightyear (Purple)

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figure — RM as Woody

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figure — Jin as Alien

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figure — Suga as Hamm

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figure — J-Hope as Forky

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figure — Jimin as Rex

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figure — V as Lotso

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figure — Jungkook as Buzz Lightyear

BTS TinyTAN x Toy Story Figures
(Top row, left to right: RM as Woody, Jin as Alien, and Suga as Hamm
Bottom row, left to right: J-Hope as Forky, Jimin as Rex, V as Lotso, and Jungkook as Buzz Lightyear)

As if the BTS members as TinyTAN weren't adorable enough, they had to go and collaborate with Toy Story and make them DEVASTATINGLY ADORABLE. This collaboration actually features a plethora of products (they even opened up a pop-up store for it in Seoul), but the only items that were absolute must-haves to me were the figures. Because what is more essential to any Toy Story collaboration than THE TOYS? 

Jimin — MUSE Concept Photos: BLOOMING ver.

Saturday, June 22, 2024
(Image source: BTS Weverse)

(Image source: BTS Weverse)

(Image source: BTS Weverse)

Okay, I love Jimin in all forms but rockstar Jimin is probably my favourite. 

(Also, I wasn't paying attention before, but he's surrounded by smeraldo flowers. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?)

Jimin — MUSE Mood Photo: BLOOMING ver.

Friday, June 21, 2024
(Image source: BTS Weverse)

Ugh, I fucking love this aesthetic. (And I think we can all agree: Jimin has a beautiful behind.)

Jimin — MUSE Tracklist

Thursday, June 20, 2024
(Image source: BTS Weverse)

Hold up, "SMERALDO GARDEN MARCHING BAND"? OMG, is the BTS Universe making a comeback???

Jimin — MUSE Promotion Schedule

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
(Image source: BTS Weverse)

Well, well, well, July is certainly looking up now! Looks like MUSE will be this year's official summer album.

Jimin — MUSE Second Solo Album Release

Monday, June 17, 2024
(Image source: BTS Weverse)

Okay, I know all the BTS members said they prepared a lot of content for us during their absence, but I was not expecting another album by Jimin and I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED AND ECSTATIC about it. Just pre-ordered my set and am counting down the days until its release. (32!)

Dining Out: Father's Day Dinner at Congee Queen

Sunday, June 16, 2024
I haven't eaten a lot of Cantonese food since coming back from Hong Kong in March and am now craving it all the time, so when my mom asked where we should take my dad for Father's Day, I suggested Congee Queen:

Diced beef sirloin with chili black pepper in golden bowl

Roasted pork and BBQ pork platter

Fried sea bass in secret sauce

Fried bean curd with mixed vegetables

There's a reason it's our go-to "casual-but-special occasion" restaurant. Honestly, they never disappoint. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Congee Queen
230 Commerce Valley Dr. E., Unit 1
Thornhill, ON L3T 7Y3
(905) 707-8388

BTS EPISODE: SUGA | Agust D D-DAY Tour The Final

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Well, good thing my SUGA | Agust D Tour D-DAY The Original set arrived last night because I am still waiting to see Jungkook and Jimin's performances in full. (I had only bought the livestream for Day 3 of the Final, and they performed on Day 1 and 2.) Between the live viewing, the paid livestreams, and the movie, I've watched Yoongi perform during this tour at least 5 times now and I STILL have regrets of not going to see him live. 

(You might be wondering how the hell I missed out on this tour since I've seen BTS on every single tour since the Love Yourself Tour in 2018. Both my friend Iris and I were on the waiting list for the pre-sale code, but when they finally released more tickets weeks later and I actually got a code, I had just came back from Japan. With the cost of the concert ticket — for which the best seats available were in the 200 sections — plus hotel and flight, I quite literally could not afford to go. BUT, I will not let myself be in that position again. I have set up a separate BTS concert fund. Because I am HELL-BENT on seeing them on their reunion tour.)

Unboxing: RM — Right Place, Wrong Person Complete Album Set

Friday, June 14, 2024
(Warning: This post is long and photo-heavy.)

Right Place, Wrong Person is RM's second studio album as a solo artist. It was released globally on May 24, 2024, at all music retailers both online and in-store. Right Place, Wrong Person is an alternative album that features 11 tracks with a total playing time of 34:31, incorporating various genres such as hip hop, indie pop, indie rock, shoegaze, folk, and jazz. The album was recorded throughout 2023 before RM enlisted for his mandatory military service last December. The title track is "LOST!," but music videos have been released for six of its tracks.

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person — Outer Packaging (Front)

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person — Outer Packaging (Back)

Right Place, Wrong Person has a total of 4 versions across 2 formats: 3 CD, and 1 digital for Weverse Albums. This post features the CD set for Right Place, Wrong Person, which includes the CD versions only. You can find this CD set, the digital Weverse Albums version, as well as the complete set with all versions on Weverse Shop. The CD versions are also available individually and can be found at all major online and in-store retailers, but please note that online retailers (including Weverse Shop) sell the individual CD versions as randomized so you cannot pick the version (there are, however, independent sellers who list the versions individually). The CD versions set retails for $48.70 USD or ₩59,400 on Weverse Shop Global, but please note that no money is saved by buying the set as opposed to each version separately.

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version A) — Photobook (Cover)

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version A) — Photobook

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version B) — Photobook (Cover)

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version B) — Photobook

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version C) — Photobook (Cover)

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version C) — Photobook

All 3 CD versions of Right Place, Wrong Person are packaged in cardboard file holders featuring various comic book-style illustrations in black. Each CD set contains the following content:

  • File holder (3 versions, 1 each)
  • Photobook (3 versions, 1 each)
  • Lyrics booklet (1 version, 1 each)
  • Poster set (1 version, 1 each)
  • CD (3 versions, 1 each)
  • Postcards (3 versions, 2 each)
  • Photocards (3 versions, 2 each)

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (All Versions) — Lyric Booklet (Front)

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (All Versions) — Lyric Booklet 

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (All Versions) — Poster Set

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (All Versions) — Large Fold-Out Poster

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (All Versions) — CD Envelope

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person — CD
(Left to right: Version A, B, and C)

The tracklist of Right Place, Wrong Person is as follows:

  1. Right People, Wrong Place
  2. Nuts
  3. Out of Love
  4. Domodachi (feat. Little Simz)
  5. ? (Interlude) (feat. Domi and JD Beck)
  6. Groin
  7. Heaven
  8. Lost!
  9. Around the World in a Day (feat. Moses Sumney)
  10. ㅠㅠ (Credit Roll)
  11. Come Back to Me

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version A) — Postcards

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version B) — Postcards

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version C) — Postcards

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version A) — Photocards

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version B) — Photocards

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person (Version C) — Photocards

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person — Weverse Albums Pre-Order Gift: Unreleased Photo (1 out of 2 versions)

RM — Right Place, Wrong Person — Weverse Albums Pre-Order Gift: Logo Card Mirror Set

We've had about 3 weeks since the release of Right Place, Wrong Person, and I have played it on repeat on several occasions, and I will say that this is one of the most polarizing albums to come out of any of the BTS discographies — and I mean this in the best way possible. It is heavily experimental and features a multitude of genres and sub-genres; a true music lover's album for true music lovers. Whereas Indigo feels like RM buried his emotions, Right Place, Wrong Person feels like his catharsis. It is raw, angry, and very personal, and I love that he shared that with us.

BTS FESTA 2024: Message from Jin — June 13, 2024 on Weverse Live

Thursday, June 13, 2024
(Image source: BTS Official X)

(Image source: BTS Official X)

(Image source: BTS Official X)

(Image source: BTS Official X)

The way my eyes immediately started tearing up with the first line of "My Universe." 🥹

Jin, thank you for coming out to celebrate Festa with us. Even though you were just discharged yesterday and were so nervous to meet us again, your presence was such a precious gift. I'm so glad you're finally home. 💜

BTS FESTA 2024: Happy 11th Anniversary, BTS!

(Image source: BTS Official X)


I can't be in Seoul for the in-person Festa event this year, but at least there will be a livestream of Jin's hug event so we can all celebrate Festa and Jin's return together. On that note, can I just point out the meticulous planning of BTS' enlistment? Not only is there new content being released every few weeks, but there will not a single anniversary where there's not at least one BTS member present. Hobi will be back in three months, Suga will be back in 8 months, and the rest will be back for their 12th anniversary next year — almost to the day. One more year until all seven of them will be reunited. Festa 2025 is going to be insane.

ARMY Forever, Bangtan Forever. 💜


Tuesday, June 11, 2024
(Image source: BTS Official X)