Photolog 2020: Day 223 of 366

Monday, August 10, 2020

Went grocery shopping this evening and figured I would get some beef brisket curry with roti for dinner from my local Vietnamese restaurant because I was randomly craving it today... only to get there at 8:20PM and be met with crushing disappointment because they were already closed. (THE SIGN SAID 8:30PM, GODDAMN IT.) So I settled for Popeyes instead because it was the nearest eatery to the Vietnamese restaurant. I hadn't been to a Popeyes since I was a kid, and I remember it being pretty good, but I also wasn't in the mood to get fried chicken pieces, so I settled for the next safest thing: the Cajun Chicken Sandwich (with cajun fries and onion rings, obviously). 

It was a bit on the small side, as fast food sandwiches usually are. But I appreciate that the chicken is thick-cut white meat, nicely battered, and well-seasoned, and that they use whole leaf lettuce, actual tomato slices, and sturdy artisan buns. (And bonus points for having hot sauce that is actually hot.) It doesn't look or taste like a cheap fast food chicken sandwich. Ironically, it's cheaper than all the chicken sandwich options at all the other fast food chains, and it didn't make me feel sick afterwards, either. It's been over 20 years, but I may have to start visiting Popeyes more often...

Makeup and Beauty Blog: Monday Poll, Vol. 638

This week's Monday Poll:
  1. Claw clip or scrunchie? I use black Goody Ouchless hair ties and small claw clips to keep my bangs up on a daily basis, and a big claw clip to keep my hair up after I wash my hair. I don't think I've used a scrunchie since elementary school.

  2. Speaking of scrunchies, do you actually wash yours? I literally don't own any. With hair ties, I just throw them out once they get too loose.

  3. Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid? I don't use products with either of these specifically, but I do use some skincare with AHA or BHA, and salicylic acid is a BHA, and is also more gentle and anti-inflammatory than benzoyl peroxide, so I'm gonna go ahead and say salicylic acid.

  4. Should your manicure match your pedicure? No, that's boring. I don't think I've ever had my nail polish match my toe polish.

  5. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes, and what did you use to clean them? Um... I think in March or April? (I haven't worn makeup in a long time.) I use Green Works Dishwashing Liquid. Effective, inexpensive, and doesn't strip brush hair.

  6. What’s harder — growing out your brows or growing out a bad haircut? BROWS. Dear god, brows. I haven't touched my brows in nearly two years. They still haven't grown out.

  7. Something you actually like about your quarantine hair? It's exactly the same as my non-quarantine hair. I'm one of those freaks who washes her hair everyday, so it always looks and feels the same.

  8. Have you done any online shopping lately? I do online shopping all the goddamn time because I'm an ARMY and there is literally new BTS or BTS-related merch released EVERY WEEK. My latest purchase was the BTS The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: The Notes 2 books last week. And as expected, BigHit is releasing the first TinyTAN merch collection in two days, so bye bye, money.

  9. Y'all ready for this? You mean the onslaught of BTS merch that is coming out in the third quarter of the year? (Yes, I did watch the entire BigHit 2020 Corporate Briefing.) I'm ready, but MY BANK ACCOUNT IS NOT. 

BTS — "Dynamite" Teaser Photos #1

BTS "Dynamite" Teaser Photos #1 — RM / Kim Namjoon

BTS "Dynamite" Teaser Photos #1 — Suga / Min Yoongi

BTS "Dynamite" Teaser Photos #1 — Jin / Kim Seokjin

BTS "Dynamite" Teaser Photos #1 — J-Hope / Jung Hoseok

BTS "Dynamite" Teaser Photos #1 — Jimin / Park Jimin

BTS "Dynamite" Teaser Photos #1 — V / Kim Taehyung

BTS "Dynamite" Teaser Photos #1 — Jungkook / Jeon Jungkook

(Source: BigHit Entertainment)

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I know it was on the "Dynamite" promotion schedule to release these today, but I WAS NOT FUCKING READY. I swear, BigHit really wants to kill us with these visuals. What way to start the week.

Photolog 2020: Day 222 of 366

Sunday, August 9, 2020
White pizza: Half pepperoni and mushrooms + half spicy sausage and Spanish onions

White pizza: Half pepperoni and green peppers + ham and pinapple

Spent four straight hours cleaning today while doing two loads of laundry, so yep, it's pizza day.

Photolog 2020: Day 221 of 366

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Yes, fettuccine with chicken and broccoli in pesto again, because it's basically the only thing I can cook.

BTS TinyTAN: Magic Door — Animation


Sorry, Denise is unavailable right now. She has died from cuteness overload.

Photolog 2020: Day 220 of 366

Friday, August 7, 2020

Made kimchi ramyeon with rice cakes, some leftover roast pork, and a hard-boiled egg for lunch because I decided vegetables were the enemy today. 

BANGTAN BOMB: Map of the Song: 7 Behind the Scenes


BTS, confirmed Jin stans.

Friday Five: Polarity

This week's Friday Five:
  1. What are the dumbest and smartest things you did this week? Dumbest: Pre-ordering BTS' The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: The Notes 2 in not just English, but also Korean and Japanese — even though I can't read those languages and thus won't read those versions — just because I had bought The Notes 1 in a set that came in those three languages and I knew I would be annoyed at myself for not matching it with The Notes 2. In short: Spending money on things I won't use and don't need, but bought anyway just because I'm a BTS merch collector and need my collections to be complete and aesthetically pleasing. Smartest? Deciding to eat dinner at Fat Ninja Bite yesterday.

  2. What are the worst and best things you ate this week? Worst: My mother decided to cook bitter melon pan-fried in egg, and suffice it to say, it did not turn out well. Might have been the worst thing I've eaten this year. She actually laughed because it turned out so bad. Best thing I ate this week was obviously the tonkatsu burger I got at Fat Ninja Bite yesterday.

  3. When this week were you unhappiest and when were you happiest? Unhappiest: At work on Tuesday and Wednesday. The first five days of the month are the busiest at the bank, and add to that a full moon, you get some very complicated, very annoying customers. Happiest: Yesterday, today, and the next three days, because I'm a smart cookie and added two vacation days to my days off next week and made myself a long weekend. Plus, my day owing from the Civic Holiday this past Monday was coincidentally scheduled for Thursday, so I got myself five days off in a row. 

  4. What did you have too much of this week, and what did you have not enough of? This week, I sat way too much and didn't walk enough. Gonna try to get in more exercise this weekend since the weather's really nice and I actually have the time.

  5. What are you dreading in the next seven days, and what are you eagerly anticipating? I'm already dreading going back to work on Tuesday, which will be made extra hard after having five days off in a row. I'm eagerly anticipating the teaser photos that BTS is releasing for "Dynamite," and whatever BigHit is planning to release for TinyTAN.

BTS TinyTAN: Magic Door — Teaser Posters #2 and #3


Okay, TinyTAN. I am ready to explode from cuteness overload.

Photolog 2020: Day 219 of 366

Thursday, August 6, 2020

I finally tried the tonkatsu burger from Fat Ninja Bite with Ronsee and almost swooned upon the first bite. A gigantic piece of pork — beautifully battered and fried to crispy perfection — topped with cabbage, tomatoes, pickles, and their signature original sauce on a fluffy sesame bun. HOW COULD I HAVE DENIED MYSELF THE GLORY OF EATING THIS BURGER FOR SO LONG?

Break the Silence: The Movie


YES, THERE'S GONNA BE ANOTHER MOVIE! AND IT'S COMING TO CANADA ON SEPTEMBER 24! I don't know how theatres are going to operate here with COVID, but I WILL FIND A WAY TO WATCH THIS.

Photolog 2020: Day 218 of 366

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Pre-work iced black milk tea (with 25% sugar 'cause I'm a good girl). Just one of those days where the craving takes over every other thought. But at least I didn't get tapioca.

Run BTS! 2020: Episode 111

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

You know, to seven guys who already have everything, this prize was actually pretty damn clever.

Photolog 2020: Day 217 of 366


This morning's sunrise, a.k.a. this week's painting in the sky, a.k.a. Denise is back to her normal schedule again.