Pick-Ups & Deliveries: August 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
First week of September means it's time for my August haul!

Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence, Bright Renew Original Serum, and Water Bank Serum

Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens, Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, and Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen

Ebates was having a 16% cash back event (unheard of until now — the most I've ever seen is 12%) for Sephora, and it just so happened that I was finishing a lot of my skincare at the same time, so I took the opportunity to stock up on some new products. I've known about Laneige for well over a decade (back when they used to have kiosks at malls) but never bothered to try it out until now because no one here talked about them and I didn't know how well their products performed. But since Korean beauty brands have been getting so much attention lately, Laneige is finally carried at Sephora and the majority of their products have gotten rave reviews. So I decided to try out the Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence since I finished my beloved May Coop Raw Sauce and the Boscia Sake Treatment Water; the Bright Renew Original Serum to switch up from my MAC Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Essence (the thing I find with brightening serums is that your skin gets used to them after a while and they seem to become less effective so I switch them every so often), and the Water Bank Serum because I finished my Tony Moly Aquaporin Watery Essence (which I quite liked, actually, but I'm always looking for new hydration serums). I also got some staples including a few packs of my favourite Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens and a couple new tubes of my holy grail Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, and I also picked up the new Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen because I'm always on the hunt for the next great liquid liner.

MAC Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Softening Lotion Spray

MAC It's a Strike! Pearlmatte Face Powder in Trophy

MAC It's a Strike! Single Eyeshadow in Bowlarama, Gutter Gal, Bowl Out, Join My League?, and 300 Game

MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande 2 Lipstick and Lipglass

MAC Star Trek Trip the Light Fantastic Powder in Strange New Worlds, Highly Illogical, and Luna Luster; Pressed Pigment in The Naked Time, Bird of Prey, and To Boldly Go; and Nail Lacquer in Skin of Evil

Of course, August marked a big month for MAC. Firstly, they re-packaged my holy grail Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Softening Lotion (they are now in spray mist form instead of pour-out form), so I picked up three bottles because I was running out of toner. Of course, you know I picked up a bunch of stuff from It's a Strike! (you can read my reviews here, here, and here), as well as the new Viva Glam Ariana Grande shades which launch in stores this Thursday, but the biggest collection of the season from MAC is, of course, Star Trek. Now, I'm not a Trekker or a Trekkie or even really a massive fan of the franchise, but I can appreciate its cultural significance and the gorgeous makeup collection that it inspired. I had to pick up all the Trip the Light Fantastic Powders, of course (review here), as well as the Pressed Pigments because you know my thing for glitter eyeshadow (review here), and the awesome nail polish in Skin of Evil because I have never seen a shade like it before. I left the lipsticks and the glosses because I'm not into frost/glitter finishes, but if you're into the new metallic lip trend, they're actually really wearable and worth looking at.

Makeup Geek x Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette

Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadows
(Top: Casino, Sin City, Tiki Hut, Wild West, and Brownie Points
Middle: Tuscan Sun, Anarchy, Toxic, Fashion Addict, and Hot Pants
Bottom: Pillow Talk, Rebel, Hopscotch, Taboo, and Venom)

I hadn't bought anything from Makeup Geek in a while because I'd waiting for them to release a bunch of new things to make a big order (you know, to make the shipping cost worth it), and the time came when they released the new Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette. If you don't know who Kathleen Lights is, she's a popular beauty vlogger/YouTuber. She's cute and does some interesting makeup looks, but I am pretty indifferent to her for the most part (e.g. I'll watch her videos once in a while, but don't feel the need to subscribe to her). In fact, I didn't even know about her collaboration with Makeup Geek until preview swatches of this highlighter palette started flooding my Instagram feed. But it was love at first sight and my inner highlighter fiend was drooling. (I'm actually surprised that Makeup Geek hasn't released highlighters previously given how successful their blushes have been, but maybe this test run with Kathleen Lights will encourage them to release highlighters permanently.) So I got that, plus 15 of Makeup Geek's new eyeshadow shades. I didn't actually need them, of course, but Makeup Geek is one of my favourite eyeshadow brands, and at $6 a pop, I couldn't resist.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Visions of Georgia Green, Green on the Runway, Suzi - The First Lady of Nails, How Great is Your Dane?, Stay Off the Lawn!!, "Liv" in the Gray, Today I Accomplished Zero, and Do You Have This Color in Stockholm?

Finally, I got some nail polish. I wasn't actually looking for anything in particular, but I had gotten a cash back from Ebates and decided to peruse Nail Polish Canada (because that's apparently what I do when I get extra money). I don't buy a lot of shades from OPI, not because I don't like them but because a lot of their collections just don't catch my eye, but I was looking for some new colours to wear for fall, and found some nice shades from the new Washington D.C. collection, as well as some fantastic colours from the older Nordic and Coca-Cola collections. You know, I've been so busy looking at shimmery, glittery, in-your-face nail shades for the past, like, four years, that I forgot how nice simple cream colours can be. I mean, don't get me wrong, I will be rocking the shit out of glitters come winter, but it's nice to switch it up once in a while, you know?

What did you buy last month? What are your go-to face serums right now? What makeup collections have you been drooling over lately? What colours will you be wearing on your nails this fall?
4 comments on "Pick-Ups & Deliveries: August 2016"
  1. Freaking Ebates! When I used to use it, I never saw anything higher than 8%.

    I thought that this month was terribly restrained, and then we came to the nail polishes, LOL! Your OPI pick surprised me too but that second last shade with red glitter looks very Denise.

  2. Yeah, the standard on Ebates is around 2 - 8%. But they'll do these like, one- or two-day events that are 10%+. That's when you gotta take advantage. Sephora's usually pretty good — 4% is the standard, but they'll do 8% at least once a month.

    Haha, nail polish is one of those things I'll buy in bulk. I don't buy nail polish as much as I used to, though! I mean, I used to do like, five bottles a week. :P And my justification with the cream shades is that if I'm feeling lazy, I'll wear them alone, but they also make great base shades for glitter. ;)

  3. Ok, how is that UD eyeliner??? I am also always on the hunt for a great waterprooof liquid black liner!

    1. I really like it! I've been using it for about two weeks straight now. Super black and inky, very long-wearing, no smudging, no flaking, and ink flows evenly. The tip is similar to Kat Von D's, so it's very easy to maneuver and create sharp lines. I do wish it could be more matte; I would say it's a satin-matte finish, so it's more matte than Kat Von D's and Stila's, but not as matte as MAC Boot Black.


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