Friday Five: Unto others

Friday, August 20, 2021
This week's Friday Five:
  1. When did you last give (or serve) something you cooked to someone not in your residence? Never.

  2. When did someone — not a restaurant or takeout spot or housemate! — last prepare a dish for you? Last week! My friends Chelsea and Braden invited me over for dinner and they made dinner. Braden grilled burgers and sweet potatoes, and Chelsea made salad and corn on the cob.

  3. When did you last reach out to someone who could use some company? Hmm... a couple weeks ago? I met up with my mom for dinner. She spends so much time by herself in her house so I try to see her at least a couple times a month. Though she's never complained that she's lonely. I'm just trying to be a good daughter.

  4. When did someone last reach out to you for similar reasons? My friend Ronsee reached out to me a couple weekends ago to see if I wanted to join him and some friends for Japanese BBQ, but we didn't end up going because reservations were full. It was weird because I never see him on weekends, but maybe he thought I wanted to go out and be social. Or get out of "the same four walls," as he puts it. I actually rarely ever feel the need for some company, but it was nice of him nonetheless. I saw him this past Monday instead.

  5. How good a listener are you when someone needs to talk it out? So good that strangers end up talking to me for over an hour and actually tell me, "Thanks for the therapy session!" This happens to me now that I work for a bank and it happened to me ALL THE DAMN TIME when I was a makeup artist. Sometimes people just need to vent to a stranger, I guess. My friends tell me that I'm too empathetic. 

4 comments on "Friday Five: Unto others"
  1. It's those sympathetic eyes. I'll bet if you wore dark shades all the time, strangers would be a lot less likely to open up to you. But it's a good gift to have! The world needs more caring listeners.

    I did not get the fancy softserve when I meant to because when I walked into that area, I got distracted by a well-known, inexpensive Korean restaurant I hadn't tried yet. Ha. Now our covid numbers are soaring in this state, so I'm locking down again. Softserve will have to wait.

    Do they have Wendy's there? It's an American fast food burger joint. Their version of a shake is called a Frosty, and while there are tastier shakes available a block from my house (McD's!), for some reason I've been craving the chocolate Frosty. I've had like four in the past two weeks. :o

    1. LOL, except I work from home so people don't actually see me face-to-face. :P I think I'm just good at making conversation flow. Although this kinda sucks when I actually need to help other clients and I'm stuck with a lady talking about her divorce and how manipulative and deceitful her ex-husband is... (Although I am genuinely interested in people's stories. This might be apart of it, too.)

      Ah, true, Korean food can definitely veer you off the soft serve path. I don't blame you, lol.

      And yes, we have Wendy's here, LOL. Most Wendy's locations here are connected to Tim Horton's locations (in case you have never heard of it, Tim Horton's is like a national treasure here), so it's quite accessible. I actually do like Wendy's burgers more than many other fast food joints, namely McD's, but they always close at like, 10:00PM here, and I finish work at midnight so I can rarely ever go to Wendy's. But true, their Frosties are very good. They actually remind me of the twist cones they used to have at McDonald's... except meltier... and not in cones... I do like them more than McD's chocolate shake, though. :)

    2. Yeah, now that I think about it a Frosty is much more like a soft serve. Too thick to drink with a straw.

      Timbits and poutine might be the only thing I know about Canadian food. Both are on my culinary bucket list. In one of his "A Night with..." performances on DVD, Kevin Smith talked a lot about filming his episodes of DeGrassi and how addicted he was to Timbits. I've been told by others not to build them up too much because they're not that great, but I still plan to hit them as soon as I'm on Canadian soil. Someday!

    3. I always thought Timbits were just like regular doughnut holes? I'm not sure because I've never had a doughnut hole in the US, but from what I know, they should be the same thing. But I mean, Timbits are pretty damn addictive, lol.

      If you ever come to Canada, you definitely need to get poutine, though. Preferably in Quebec. The ones in Toronto are decent, but it's just not the same as the ones in Montreal. It's the gravy.

      You also gotta try a butter tart, a Montreal-style bagel, Montreal smoked meat, a Nanaimo bar, and a beaver tail (not actually beaver, it's basically deep-fried dough with cinnamon sugar and whatever other toppings you want). And if you're here, you might as well get a bag of ketchup chips and a Coffee Crisp (my favourite candy bar). :)

      Otherwise, "Canadian cuisine" is pretty limited. You can get everything else outside of Canada, lol.


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