Photolog 2019: Day 143 of 365

Thursday, May 23, 2019

I decided to turn my BT21 Chimmy and Cooky phone cradles into figures instead by removing the bases. I didn't really use them as phone cradles to begin with; I bought them to display because they were cute. This, of course, lead to me wanting to collect all eight of the phone cradles to display as figures. I bought another two from Amazon, but my friend Ronsee was in Seoul last month, so I asked if he could check a Line Friends store for me to see what stock they had left, 'cause it's cheaper there with less tax and I also don't have to pay for shipping. He actually managed to get the ones I was missing, so my little collection is complete! (This gives me a sense of satisfaction like when I complete a collection in The Sims 4.) They now sit proudly on my display stand next to my Funko Pops.
2 comments on "Photolog 2019: Day 143 of 365"
  1. Where's that display stand from?

    1. Amazon! From here:


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