Friday Five: Grabby

Friday, July 7, 2017
This week's Friday Five:
  1. There's a convenience store nearby and you have a small case of the munchies. What do you grab? A bag of Miss Vickie's. My favourite is Sweet Chili & Sour Cream, but I love the Applewood Smoked BBQ when I want something tangier and the Jalapeño when I want something spicy, and I've also been really enjoying the new Harvest Cheddar & Herbs... Honestly, I'm really not picky; I'll eat all of the flavours. Miss Vickie's just does the best chips, in my opinion. Oh, and a bottle of 7UP. Don't wanna choke on all those chips.

  2. You're about to get on a plane and someone just stole all your reading material, but there's a newsstand nearby. What magazine (of likely available titles) do you grab? First of all, the person that stole my reading material and nothing else? Is both an idiot and an asshole. And to answer this question, I'd probably pick Allure, because it focuses more on beauty and health issues than other women's magazines out there. Fashion and style can be interesting, but I just don't care about $2,000 sweaters. On that note, though, I'd more likely be reading a book than a magazine these days.

  3. On a regular work day, where do you grab lunch and what do you get if you don't bring a lunch from home? If I'm not bringing lunch from home (I usually have a cheat day once a week), I either go to Hero Burger and get a 6-ounce beef burger (with smoked white cheddar, tomato, pickles, relish, mustard, and Hero sauce) and a side of onion rings, or I go to Michel's for a Cajun chicken sandwich on a baguette and a danish or an almond chocolate croissant. Goddamn it, I am so hungry right now.

  4. Instead of a lunch, you decide you need a quick nap during your workday. Where can you grab 40 winks? I don't take naps on my lunch break anymore because it's too difficult for me to wake up. But it'd be in my car. If it's too hot or cold in the car, then I guess I'd nap in the office as long as no one is using it.

  5. How close to your head is your cell phone when you're asleep in bed? About a foot. I keep it on my bedside table 'cause I use it as my alarm clock, so it has to be close enough for me to turn off.
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