Friday Five: Guestimation

Friday, May 12, 2017
This week's Friday Five:
  1. How well do you adjust to sleeping in an unfamiliar place? It honestly depends on what kind of place it is. Is it someone's house? A hotel? I adjust perfectly fine to sleeping in an unfamiliar place so long as I feel comfortable and safe there. On the flip side, if it's super creepy (or outdoors), I won't be able to sleep at all 'cause I'll only think disturbing thoughts.

  2. When were you recently someone's guest, and when were you recently someone's host? I am rarely host to anything. I think the last time I had someone over for any extended period of time was a couple years ago now. I had my friend Viv over for a couple days 'cause I was on vacation and she had several days off in a row, so we just ate a lot of pizza and gelato and watched tons of movies. I kinda miss doing that, actually. The last time I was someone's guest was when Chelsea's family invited me over for Christmas Eve. They had a huge table of hors d'oeuvres like mini quiches, mini sausages, deep-fried cheese balls and mushroom caps, shrimp cocktail, an assortment of cheeses and crackers, prosciutto and pickles and dips. For dessert, they had a big chocolate Yule log and a ton of different cookies and Kawartha Dairy ice cream... It was glorious. Here's a photo I took of it:

  3. What's the ickiest place where you've ever showered or bathed? I guess most recently, it would've been at my friend's cottage. It's just an old house, so the bathroom — and the shower in it — is also old. And it's by a lake in the middle of a whole lotta nature, which means bugs. I remember we had to keep the drain plugged when we weren't using it so spiders wouldn't crawl in. Even thinking about it makes me shudder.

  4. What's something you don't need but insist on taking when you travel? A shower pouf. Showering just isn't the same without one. Body wash doesn't foam up as much and you have to use like, quadruple the amount of soap. Also, slippers or flip-flops. I cannot walk around a hotel room in bare feet, and I refuse to wear socks and shoes at all times. Like, if I've just showered or just gotten out of bed, I'm not about to put on my booties, you know?

  5. Who's got a comfy couch? I do. It's an old black leather one that my parents bought before I was born, and it's so worn in and soft that I pretty much immediately fall asleep once I lie down on it, so it's become my napping couch.
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