Makeup and Beauty Blog: Monday Poll, Vol. 470

Monday, April 10, 2017
This week's Monday Poll:
  1. Would you rather have to wear wool knee-high socks and boots every day during the hottest summer ever, or wear flip-flops and bare feet during the coldest winter? Wool knee-high socks and boots in the summer. Ultimately, they're both grossly uncomfortable, but cold, wet feet is a sure-fire wear to get sick, and I'd also probably get frost bite and then have to amputate one or more toes and it'd just be bad news bears. Also, boots look way better than flip flops, and come in way more styles.

  2. Would you rather run 10 miles wearing an itchy, puffy wedding gown (and you can't stop to take any breaks; you have to run the entire time, so no walking, crawling or hitching a ride with Jake Gyllenhaal on his gorgeous, majestic horse), or shave off your left eyebrow in its entirety? Shave off my left eyebrow. (If that were the case, I'd shave my right eyebrow, too, 'cause symmetry.) I'd just get micro-blading or tattoos. I can't even run one mile without getting winded, so it's a definite no-go for any form of running for me, even if I weren't wearing an itchy, puffy wedding gown.

  3. You're in the middle of a group interview for your dream job. Would you rather accidentally poop in your pants, or have your boob fall out (and you don't realize it for 10 minutes)? Oh, and the poop is stinky. Boob, for sure.

  4. Would you rather have a completely drunk tattoo artist give you permanent eyebrows, or give you tattoo eyeliner? If there was a guarantee that said tattoo artist wouldn't make me blind, I'd say eyeliner, 'cause it's way easier to hide a bad eyeliner job (I'd just have smoky eyes all the time).

  5. Would you rather receive a gift of 100 brand new Chanel lipsticks, or 100 brand new Tom Ford lipsticks? Tom Ford. I like his formulations and shade options more, and they're also worth more (they retail for a whopping $68 a pop now!) so if I want to sell some of them, I'd make more money.
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