Thursday Threes: Vol. 5

Thursday, March 23, 2017
The last 3 things I ate:
  • The Chilled Mango (mango ice cream, mango, pomelo, and coconut milk syringe) and new Blueberry Cheesecake (blueberry ice cream, cheesecake bits, whipped cream, and blueberry syringe) at Cool N2
  • Lobster roll, served hot with butter, with cajun fries at Good Catch Boil House
  • Lobster nachos with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, and guacamole at Good Catch Boil House

The last 3 things I did:
  • Had dessert at Cool N2 with my friend Corrado
  • Had dinner at Good Catch Boil House with my friends Ronsee and Corrado
  • Took a nap (it's been a lovely day, to be honest)

The last 3 purchases I made:

The last 3 things I watched:

  • iZombie — This show is now on Netflix, so I finally got to finish Season 2. It's one of my favourite new shows. Quirky, original, mysterious, and funny. Rob Thomas has won my heart since Veronica Mars, so I knew this show was going to be great (and actually, a lot of the actors in Veronica Mars make appearances in iZombie). And it is. I cannot wait until Season 3 (premieres in two weeks!).
  • Get Out — Thought-provoking with a unique plot, good pacing, unexpected twists, and great suspense build-ups, while not so subtly addressing the racial issues in American society. I wouldn't watch it again, but it is definitely worth watching.
  • Me Before You — Pretty loyal to the book, actually, but lacks a lot of the emotional subtleties that the book has. Basically, the movie was sad, but the book was heart-wrenching. And the ending seemed too rushed and was tied up too neatly, when the subject matter is so controversial and complex. That aside... Sam Claflin is hot.

The last 3 songs I played:
  • Violent Soho - Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
  • Violent Soho - Evergreen
  • Violent Soho - Fur Eyes

The last 3 apps I used on my phone:
  • Music
  • Instagram
  • Safari

3 makeup items I used on my face today:

3 things that are sitting closest to me right now (aside from my iPhone):

3 things I'm currently wearing:
  • A grey and black striped long-sleeved tee from Uniqlo
  • A pair of black sweatpants from Uniqlo
  • A pair of white fuzzy bunny socks

3 things I want to accomplish today:
  • Discuss job positioning with my managers
  • Go to the cemetery with my dad to visit and pay respects to my grandparents
  • Call up my insurance company in regards to contributions receipts for my accountant
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