Saturday Nine: Fist City (1968)

Saturday, March 11, 2017
This week's Saturday Nine:

  1. This song is about a wife warning another woman off her man. Who received the last warning, of any type, that you issued? I don't really give warnings so much as advice as to how to improve. I was telling one of my staff the other day that if she wanted to get promoted any time soon, she has to be more vocal about being succession planned and to prove that she has the drive to move up. We do give out warning letters at work, of course, but we like to see how an employee can improve after a conversation first before issuing out anything official.

  2. Loretta sings that when her husband picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage can. She's being metaphorical, but we will be literal: If you spot litter on the sidewalk, do you pick it up or just walk on? I just walk on. As much as I'd like to better our environment, I'm also a germaphobe and I'm not about to touch someone else's trash.

  3. She taught herself to play guitar. If you could learn something new in 2017, what would it be? If I had the time and motivation, I would absolutely wanna try to pick up the guitar again. I took lessons for like, half a year, but I was starting university at the time and just didn't have the time to continue with them.

  4. She broke her shoulder in a fall and surgery was required to repair it. When were you last in a hospital? Were you a patient or a visitor? I went to the hospital sometime a couple years ago because I was having trouble breathing, and it hurt to inhale and exhale. I'm a smoker, so I knew it probably had something to do with that, but I never had chest pains because of it, so I went to the ER to have them check it out. Anyway, they didn't find anything serious after a series of tests and an X-ray, but they gave me a couple of inhalers to help me breathe.

  5. In the 1970s, Loretta Lynn was the first country singer to appear on the cover of Newsweek. Who is your favourite country singer? I'm not huge on country music, but I do quite like Carrie Underwood. Some would argue that she's not strictly country, but that's probably why I like her music. I also have incredible respect for LeAnn Rimes as an artist. I don't love a lot of her songs, but the girl has a magical voice and achieved a lot at a really young age. (Like, listen to "Blue" or her cover of "Unchained Melody." Yeah, she recorded those when she was 13.)

  6. Rowan and Martin's Laugh In premiered in 1968, when this song was popular. What's the last TV show you watched? Did you watch it live, did you stream it, or catch it on DVR/Tivo? Riverdale, on Netflix.

  7. In 1968, Jacqueline Kennedy shocked the world by marrying Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis.What's the last thing you heard that surprised you? What surprised me wasn't so much this fact, but that I didn't already know this fact: There are 52 playing cards in a deck to represent the 52 weeks in a year, and the four suits represent the four seasons.

  8. 1968's top-rated car was the Chevy Corvette. Could your car benefit from a trip to the car wash this morning? Yep.

  9. Random question: You're staying in a hotel and find you can faintly hear the couple in the next room. Would you ignore their voices, or try to hear them better? Ignore their voices because I'd probably be trying to read.
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