Sunday Video Love: Fire in My Bones

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I went through my Shazam list recently and noticed that I had not just one, but four songs by Fleurie on there. So I finally decided to download her albums through Apple Music and have totally fallen in love with nearly every track she's released. She's not a pop artist, necessarily, which is maybe why she's not that well-known; her music can only be described as cinematic — each song tells a story, somehow bold and vulnerable at the same time with epic build-ups and soaring melodies paired with a most angelic voice — which is probably why her songs are featured in so many TV shows. Each song, both lyrically and sonically, will make you feel something deeply — a huge achievement for any musician, and what brought her to my attention to begin with. I don't know if her music will ever make it on to mainstream radio, because this is not the kind of music that you dance to at a club (unless some famous DJ decides to remix her songs), but that's actually kind of the beauty of Fleurie — you'll never get sick of her music.
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