Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Sunday, November 27, 2016

So, I waited nine long years for A Year in the Life. When I caught wind last year that they were doing this with Netflix, I finally subscribed to it after years of six years of resisting for the sole purpose of watching this revival (I joined sometime in May because I didn't know when they were releasing these episodes but I had to be prepared). Gilmore Girls has been my favourite TV show since I was 13. In fact, I still have all the VHS tapes of all the original airings from Season 1 to 3. (Then they started releasing the show on DVD, so I didn't have to record them anymore.) I have watched every episode of every season at least 12 times through. So this revival, which premiered this past Friday, was meant to act as some kind of closure for us die-hard fans that Season 7 (the last and only season that creator and director Amy Sherman-Palladino was not apart of) lacked. And now that I've heard the final four words (a.k.a. the way Sherman-Palladino originally intended for the whole series to end), I've just got to say: What the actual fuck? You cannot end a series like that and not have every fan revolt after. I mean, isn't the point of a revival to give closure and not an open-ended cliffhanger? (Like what the Veronica Mars movie did for the series. I had closure from that world and I was satisfied.) I sincerely hope that this means there will be a future with Gilmore Girls. Because, seriously, they cannot do this to us. It's just mean. (And now I am going to go re-watch the whole thing again. Because I am a true, dedicated fan and that's just what we do until a second revival comes along.)
2 comments on "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"
  1. yea.. i did feel like it was an open ended cliffhanger too and there were other things i didn't enjoy. i know ppl had time restraints but having characters just pop in and out....and i felt bad for luke. he sometimes just does get push along with whatever lorelie wants. he was SO ANXIOUS when she came back and she barely apologized. i know that's her MO but i has in /tears/ listening to his rant. and logan!...god. ok and the musical scenes...were WAY too long. it was so painful lol.

    still though. im pretty happy with it. when they put the title track at the end this HUGE wave of nostagia washed over me and i do so enjoy these characters and the story.

    1. I didn't really feel that bad for Luke because I think I'm still punishing him for the whole April thing, lol. I was kind of annoyed with the Rory-Logan relationship because it's like Rory never learned from her affair with Dean, and Logan kind of just brushed off the whole proposal to Rory in Season 7. I didn't expect Logan to still be pining for Rory after nine years, but I didn't think he'd still be so reckless as to carry on such a long-term affair. And for Rory to have a boyfriend (Paul?) for nearly three years but completely forget that they were even together? And for Lorelai to not care about it, either? It seems too out-of-character. I wish there were more Jess scenes. The longing look he had while looking into the Gilmore house? I normally wouldn't like that in a guy, you know, that inability to move on from your first great love, but with ex-bad-boy-who-wasn't-able-to-commit Jess? It's heart-breakingly cute.

      And yes, agreed, the musical scenes were totally painful to watch. But I liked when Carole King had her moment at the piano with "I Feel the Earth Move," and they were like, "Oh, it's not catchy enough," lol.

      I get where they were going with the final four words, like the Gilmore girls had come full circle, but still, I didn't get closure where I needed it.


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