Friday Five: You, Too

Friday, November 25, 2016
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What are you too short to do? I'm only 5' 4", so a lot of things, you know, like reaching top shelves, playing basketball (or any sport that requires height, really), fitting into pants without hemming them, etc.

  2. What are you too smart to do? Repeat mistakes, get into a career that pays more but that I'm not passionate about, date for the sake of not being single, keep miserable or negative people as friends, sell and/or do hard drugs, drive fast in snow, etc.

  3. What are you too fearful to do? Lots of things, but among them: homicide, suicide, swim with sharks, travel to a foreign country alone, climb cliffs, be near anything poisonous, be alone in a room full of dolls and/or clowns...

  4. What are you too lazy to do? Re-organize my makeup. I'll do it like, once a year because my room gets overwhelmingly cluttered, but sometimes I just look at all the makeup I've accumulated and I get tired just thinking about organizing them. Makeup artist/hoarder problems. Also, I'm too lazy to take baths. It sounds counterintuitive, but I find baths to be exhausting rather than relaxing.

  5. What are you too young to do? Retire, get pension, die.

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