Friday Five: Impromptu

Friday, September 30, 2016
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What's something you've created while improvising in the kitchen? Well, I'm not exactly domestic so I don't cook a lot at home but I've made some good eggs (my favourite was a frittata with spinach, prosciutto, and parmesan) and flatbreads (I like using naan as a base because it has a chewier consistency like Neapolitan pizza; my favourite one so far includes chili garlic oil, roast beef, and cheddar) and pastas (I made a really good one with fusilli, pesto, smoked ham, and cherry tomatoes).

  2. In your work, how good are you at winging it? Pretty good. I mean, in the makeup industry, I feel like 50% of it is winging it (pun intended).

  3. When you travel, how much of your trip do you make up as you go? I guess it depends where I am. If it's somewhere new, I like to plan things; see the sights, go to the museums, do more touristy things. If it's somewhere I've been before, like New York or Montreal, I only really plan out the restaurants I'm going to eat at and everything else is made up as I go.

  4. How structured are your plans for this weekend? Well, I have work on Saturday, but I'm going to IMATS on Sunday with my friends Amanda and Sam. There are a few vendors that I definitely want to visit, but otherwise we're just gonna spend the morning exploring. And we're probably gonna grab lunch but we don't know where yet. And then I'm probably going to meet my friend Ronsee for dinner, but we don't have a set plan. So, it's semi-structured.

  5. What's something you've discovered while wandering around in your neighbourhood? Nothing of interest because I don't really wander around my neighbourhood that often.

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