Friday Five: Saturday Night's All Right for Writing About

Friday, March 25, 2016
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What did a typical Saturday look like when you were a child? Homework and whatever extracurricular activities my parents enrolled me in: Art lessons, math lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, ballet lessons, kung fu lessons, Chinese school, gymnastics, soccer, etc. My parents wanted to keep us as busy as possible and to learn as many things as possible. Except now I hate most recreational activities, and I only really care to eat and shop.

  2. What did a typical Saturday look like when you were a teen? Hanging out with Janetta. We'd spend our afternoons downtown, shopping on Queen Street, and evenings attending local shows at one of the stages at The Big Bop (The Reverb, The Kathedral, and Holy Joe's — the venues of my youth, where I saw the first iterations of Alexisonfire and Die Mannequin, now closed forever), and then nights renting movies at Blockbuster and eating way too much pizza. 

  3. What does a typical Saturday look like now? Work. I do the most appointments on Saturdays, so it's the busiest day of the week for me. And then sometimes I'll go out for dinner, depending on what time I finish work. But I'm usually too tired to do much else. This is the adult life, people.

  4. When did you last spend Saturday in a park? Umm...

  5. Do you prefer to get a holiday on Friday, Monday, or some day in the middle of the week? I always work weekends, so it really doesn't matter when I get a holiday, so long as I get one.
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