Saturday Nine: Let's Dance (1983)

Saturday, January 16, 2016
This week's Saturday Nine:

(Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.)

In memory of David Bowie (1947 - 2016)
  1. In this song, David encourages his partner to "put on your red shoes and dance." When did you last dance? In public, never. In the privacy of my own home, yesterday.

  2. Mr. Bowie recalled that he and choreographer Toni Basil developed a dance step now known as "the moonwalk" for his 1974 tour, nearly a decade before Michael Jackson performed "Billie Jean." Can you think of something you should have gotten credit for, but didn't? I mean, nothing to the extent of the moonwalk... But I've come up with ideas at work (usually to make workflow more efficient) that got implemented and didn't get credit for it.

  3. Similarly, the band Roxy Music was upset because Bowie copied their "catsuit look" for his own stage wardrobe and made it famous. What do you usually wear, Monday through Friday? Depends, but you can usually count on it being black. For work, I usually wear a flowy silk top with a jacket and Uniqlo Leggings Pants or Zara Body Shaping Leggings, and my stacked heel booties or suede boots (or biker boots if I'm feeling badass). At home, I'm pretty much always in Uniqlo Drape Pants and a long-sleeved TNA shirt. And if it's particularly cold, my fuzzy socks from Bath & Body Works.

  4. David Bowie was particular about the aftershave he wore, and one of his favorites was by Guerlain. Do you regularly apply cologne or aftershave? Well, no aftershave for me, but I do wear perfume everyday. Right now, I'm rotating between Jo Malone's Blackberry & Bay if I'm feeling more fresh and fruity, and Diptyque's Eau Duelle if I'm feeling more warm and smoky.

  5. In school, David's best subject was art. Think back to your own school days. In which class did you excel? Art and photography, followed by graphic and web design, and then English.

  6. In addition to art and music, David Bowie displayed a keen head for business, leaving a fortune of more than $600,000,000. Would you describe yourself as "good with money"? Um, I spend more on makeup than I do on car payments. So, no, definitely not.

  7. Bowie also appeared in a variety of movies from The Man Who Fell to Earth to Zoolander. Who is your all-time favourite movie actor? Ryan Gosling (I think this goes without saying). It was Breaker High that got me to notice him, The Notebook that made me interested in him, and Drive that really cinched it.

  8. One of Bowie's hits is "Life on Mars." If you had the opportunity to travel into space, would you take it? Nah. I don't really have an interest in space. But if it were a means of survival because Earth was no longer a viable option to live on, then yes, I would.

  9. The creators of SpongeBob Square Pants are huge Bowie fans and were thrilled when, in 2007, he appeared in an episode. Sam suspects that she may be the only person who hasn't seen that cartoon show. What about you? Have you ever watched an episode of SpongeBob, start to finish? Yeah, at least for a few episodes. But this was a long time ago, maybe in middle or high school. It was one of those shows that I watched out of sheer boredom because there was nothing else good on at the time. But it's actually pretty funny and clever.
4 comments on "Saturday Nine: Let's Dance (1983)"
  1. I'm so sad about his passing. He was one of the first artists I actually started to listen to when I started to develop my own tastes in music - so diverse, so fabulous, and so genuinely kind, it seems.

    1. I think this was the first celebrity death that I was genuinely sad about -- like, I actually got teary-eyed -- because he was truly legendary and iconic and was such an inspiration to generations of people. One of my greatest memories was getting my first car and blasting "Suffragette City" with all the windows rolled down and feeling like such a badass.

  2. He was a Guerlain man! Now I'm even more upset. There are these interviews where he admits to being an internet message board kind of nerd and I loved him.

    1. He was just so dynamic and unapologetic about who he was. Even if you didn't listen to his music or really pay attention to his career, you could appreciate who he was and what he stood for.


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