Friday Five: Consumables

Friday, October 30, 2015
Last week's Friday Five:
  1. What dehydrated foods (meant to be consumed that way) do you enjoy? Charcuterie (you know, the dehydrated parts). Followed by instant ramen, Chinese sausage, and plantain chips.

  2. What's your favourite dish made by stuffing one food with another? The Shack Stack burger from Shake Shack. (It contains a portobello mushroom that is stuffed with Muenster cheese and then deep-fried, so it totally counts.)

  3. What's your favourite dish made by rolling something up? Sushi rolls. So predictable.

  4. What's a meal you frequently consume primarily because the cleanup is quick? When I eat at home, pretty much everything I make has quick preparation and quick cleanup: Grilled cheese, sandwiches, salads, eggs and toast, etc. And that's not counting microwaveable foods, like Pizza Pockets or Stouffer's Bistro Melts.

  5. What's a food that's made much better because of what you sprinkle on it? Pasta. It is always better when there's more cheese sprinkled on top.

    2 comments on "Friday Five: Consumables"
    1. ha yes to eggs. that's my quick meal too. usually i have lots of roasted veggies in the fridge so i have eggs and veggies.

      1. I have to limit the amount of eggs I eat because they're so high in cholesterol. And egg whites are not the same as WHOLE EGGS. >:(


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