Saturday Nine: Working My Way Back to You (1966)

Saturday, September 5, 2015
This week's Saturday Nine:
  1. We're celebrating the last holiday of summer with The Four Seasons. Which season is your favourite? Fall. I love everything about it: fashion, makeup, trends, weather, scenery, smells, Starbucks drinks...

  2. Before they settled on The Four Seasons, they called themselves The Four Lovers, The Romans and The Village Voices. If you were/are in a band, please share the name. Or just make up a cool name for your pretend band. I do not have a band, but my pretend band would be Phantom Pain. Or The Pineapple Sodas. Depends on which genre my pretend band decides to pursue, and who I decide to pursue it with. 

  3. Lead singer Frankie Valli has occasionally fudged the year of his birth. Have you ever lied about your age? When I was underage, my cousin (who is eight years older than me) lent me her old driver's license to get into bars. Nowadays, I wish I got carded more often.

  4. Frankie Valli, Frank Sinatra, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen... New Jersey has given us many music superstars. What is your state known for? Ontario has given us (for better of for worse) many actors and musicians like Drake, The Weeknd, Alanis Morisette, Jim Carrey, Rachel McAdams, Hayden Christensen, Nina Dobrev, Shay Mitchell, Mike Myers, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, Barenaked Ladies... But let's be honest, the only person who matters is Ryan Gosling.

  5. In 1965, Frankie was arrested in Columbus, Ohio. But it wasn't his fault! The bandmate he trusted to pay the group's hotel bill neglected to do so. Tell us about a time when your trusting nature got you in trouble? I honestly can't think of anything specific right now, but gossip has probably bitten me in the ass once or twice in the past.

  6. Clint Eastwood directed the movie version of the Four Seasons biography, Jersey Boys. What's your favourite Clint Eastwood movie? Having just gone through Clint Eastwood's filmography, I've realized that the only film of his I've ever watched is Gran Torino, so it'd have to be that by default. (Seriously, I haven't even watched The Bridges of Madison County. Or more recently, Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby.)

  7. According to the U.S. Census, more and more Americans are working from home. Are you one of them? No. Though when I do freelance work, I go to other people's homes. Does that count?

  8. Of those of us who work outside the home, 75% travel to work alone. 15% take public transportation and the remaining 10% carpool. How do you get to your job? I drive my car.

  9. Do you have any big plans for this holiday weekend? I intend on catching up on sleep and blogging, and maybe going out for a meal or two (depending on how lazy I am). I just started my vacation week, so I'm just taking it easy this weekend, and then I'm going to NYC on Tuesday.
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