Makeup and Beauty Blog: Monday Poll, Vol. 371

Monday, May 4, 2015
This week's Monday Poll:
  1. On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you with your hair (with 10 being salon-caliber fancy updos and intricate braids)? Um, with my own hair... like, a 1? I just can't be bothered. If it's not in a ponytail, the most I'll do is straighten it and wear it down. I get my hair cut once every two years, and I rely on that style of cut until it grows out too much that I can't ignore the fact that it's just a massive mop on my head and gets caught in other people's zippers. And doors. (Seriously. I just went last week. Got eight inches chopped off because it was nearly down to my waist.) I did have to take a mandatory hairstyling course when I was in make-up school, so I know how to do some pretty fancy things on other people's hair, but hair just isn't where my interest lies. (And me wielding a hot curling iron near anybody is just bad news bears.) That's why I specialized in fashion photographic make-up. When clients ask me if I do hair as well, I always say no. 

  2. Flower crowns: do or don't? It's not my style (it's a little too girly and whimsical for my tastes), but I think they can be really cute on the right person for the right occasion.

  3. What's something you do at least once a day? Aside from hygienic habits (e.g. brush teeth, take shower, wash hair, wash hands, etc.) and regular bodily functions (e.g. peeing, pooping, farting, burping, etc.):

    - Moisturize
    - Put on/take off my contact lenses
    - Put on/take off my glasses
    - Drink coffee
    - Smoke a cigarette
    - Play music
    - Read part of a book
    - Check e-mail
    - Check Instagram
    - Play Hay Day
    - Play Words With Friends

  4. What were you like as a child? Quiet, shy, artsy. I just wanted to draw with my Mr. Sketch markers all day long.

  5. What's a kind of music you just don't get? I can understand why there's an appeal to all types of music, but one I just cannot get into is reggae. 
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