Friday Five: Bonus Questions, 7

Friday, April 17, 2015
Friday Five Bonus Questions, Part 7:
  1. What kinds of craft-making do you particularly enjoy? I don't do a ton of crafts nowadays, but I remember loving (and being quite good at) making friendship bracelets with both embroidery floss and gimp string.

  2. What craft-making's appeal baffles you? I can honestly understand the appeal to all crafts because I love them (and wish I had more time to do them!). But one that I have no interest in is glassblowing. Because torches kinda freak me out.

  3. What have you purchased from Etsy or similar websites? The most recent thing I purchased from Etsy was this sterling silver origami-style rabbit pendant necklace. My dad told me I had to wear a "metal rabbit" this year (Year of the Sheep) to balance out my ch'i (similarly, I had to wear a jade horse last year). But I've also purchased various glitter nail polishes from Hare Polish, and some cute key fobs from Leather Prince (before they inflated the prices like crazy, because I remember them being maybe $15 a pop and now they're running at $70 - $100, which is ridiculous).

  4. What crafty item in your house gets the most use? Not gonna lie, I don't have a lot of craft items in my house anymore. After I moved to this house six years ago, we had to throw out a lot of things. But my childhood/teenage bedroom had lots of crafts that I made: origami cranes hanging from my windows, origami flowers in vases on bedside tables and chest of drawers, handcrafted picture frames, etc.

  5. What qualities really make someone a good crafter? Patience, creativity, determination, and time.

  6. What's your favourite animated, non-Disney, non-Pixar movie? My Neighbor Totoro. Technically, Disney distributes it now, but the version I have is by Fox Video.

  7. What's your favourite teen movie? Clueless.

  8. What's your favourite romantic movie? It's a tie between Amélie and Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. I mean, it really depends if I'm feeling comedy or tragedy, you know?

  9. What's your favourite action movie? Drive.

  10. What's your favourite non-animated movie musical? Pitch Perfect (and I am so excited for Pitch Perfect 2 next month)! But I do also have a soft spot for The Sound of Music. It's one of the first movies I ever watched.
2 comments on "Friday Five: Bonus Questions, 7"
  1. not on the survey but oh hello, new header! i like it :)
    acca-scuse me? lol pitch perfect was ok an. enjoy about for sure though. for non-animated movie musical hmm. thats hard. i've watched SO many but Easter Parade with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire is pretty up there.

    1. Thanks! I thought it was time for a spruce. :)

      I'm obsessed with Pitch Perfect. Not really sure if it counts as a full-on musical because it's not like they randomly break into song, but it's pretty much my favourite movie wherein there are musical performances, lol.

      I'm not huge on old musical movies. I just find them boring to sit through. :P


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