Sunday Video Love: Roundtable Rival

Sunday, February 8, 2015

One of the most epic videos I've seen in a while — steampunk, rock 'n' roll, musical weapons, horses, and the wild, wild West! — and featuring everyone's favourite electric violinist-dancer. Just pure bad-assery. I think if I had grown up listening to this, I would've spent a hell of a lot more time practicing violin...
5 comments on "Sunday Video Love: Roundtable Rival"
  1. This is SO cool! Love it!

    Also, I see Bloodstream on your playlist. Man I love that song.

    1. Check out some of Lindsey Stirling's other videos, she's amazing! :)

      I DL'ed the Vampire Diaries soundtrack a few years ago, which is where I found "Bloodstream," lol. The soundtrack has some pretty awesome songs -- kudos to whoever selects the music for that show. The first time I heard Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love" was in a VD episode. :)

    2. I've listened to Lindsey Stirling before, but I'm not always in the mood for this particular brand of instrumental, so I don't often keep up.

      And I don't watch TVD, but I've heard that they have good music! A lot of my favorites seem to be on those soundtracks!

    3. ALSO I just picked Cinder up from the library.

    4. That's fair, I have to be in the mood for dance-y violin electronica to listen to Lindsey Stirling, but her tunes never fail to disappoint me when I am. ;)

      And yes, TVD features AMAZING songs! So does Gossip Girl and The O.C and Veronica Mars!

      Ooh, tell me how you're enjoying Cinder!


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