Makeup and Beauty Blog: Monday Poll, Vol. 348

Monday, November 24, 2014
This week's Monday Poll:
  1. Ponytail, braid or bun? Bun, unless I have shorter hair, in which case, ponytail.

  2. Tell me about the worst date you ever went on. Went on a date with a guy that I met online, and even though I told him I don't drink alcohol, he took me to a bar, where I ordered a Diet Coke and he ordered a beer and spent the next 45 minutes talking about himself. Because it was too late to go to do much else, he suggested that we could watch a movie at his apartment. I was young and stupid, so I agreed, not realizing the implication. I figured he'd have a selection of DVDs to choose from, but he ended up putting on Misery on YouTube. On YouTube. (Sure knew how to show a girl a good time, no? And also, Misery? Really? On a first date? Red flag, red flag, red flag.) And then he thought I was one of those girls, so he tried to kiss me and feel me up and I asked, "Um... what are you doing?" because I was getting the creepy crawlies and also because I was not remotely attracted to him. So he stopped and I was getting ready to leave, but not before he criticized my jacket and my shoes, and then asked, "So, was the date successful? Do you wanna go out again?" And because I did not know how to reject people, I said, "Uh... maybe.... we'll see." I immediately got out of there (like, I might have ran), and chalked it up to "worst date ever, and also creepy." Then he proceeded to call me twice that week. When I didn't answer both times, he left a heinous message on my voice mail that included calling me a "see-you-next-Tuesday." Needless to say, I never saw him again.

  3. Shimmery shadows in the crease — your thoughts? Yeah, sure, why not? I usually end up blending a matte in the outer corner to add more dimension and depth (I have a crease, but it's quite shallow, and matte shadows make it appear deeper), but I'm always game to use shimmer/metallics/frosts in my crease.

  4. Cool-toned or warm-toned? My skintone is warm (I'm an NC30/35 in MAC), but I wear both cool- and warm-toned eyeshadows/blushes/lipsticks.

  5. A place you'd like to visit again and why? Tokyo, Japan. I went there when I was 16 and thought it was amazing, but I think I'd appreciate the culture so much more as an adult. 
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