MAC The Simpsons: Powder Blushes

Saturday, September 6, 2014

This past Thursday, MAC launched their collaboration collection with The Simpsons. The collection is largely inspired by the main female character and matriarch of the show, Marge Simpson, but was created as a whole in honour of the 25th anniversary of the animated sitcom. This collection will see the launch of 10 products, nine of which are new and limited edition (of which one is an online exclusive), and one of which is permanent. The Simpsons collection will see the release of two shades of Powder Blush, both of which are new and limited edition shades. Each blush comes in a round black mirrored compact with a design featuring Marge Simpson's head and The Simpsons logo on the lid. The powder itself is imprinted with the same design of Marge Simpson's head. The secondary cardstock packaging features a collage of characters from The Simpsons in primary yellow, with Marge Simpson's hair coloured in blue and The Simpsons logo in red. Each blush contains 9.5 grams of product, and retails for $28.50.

Pink Sprinkles

Sideshow You

Pink Sprinkles and Sideshow You

Pink Sprinkles is a light-medium blue-toned cotton candy pink with a very subtle sheen in a Satin finish. This is a new and limited edition shade. It has a soft, silky texture, and goes on smoothly and evenly. It has high pigmentation and opaque colour pay-off. It can be layered and blended out easily. It is more muted and warmer than Peony Petal, darker and brighter than Dame, and brighter and more blue-toned than Stay Pretty Pro Longwear Blush.
Sideshow You is a medium peachy coral with a subtle sheen in a Satin finish. This is a new and limited edition shade, and is an online exclusive. It has a soft, silky texture, and goes on smoothly and evenly. It has high pigmentation and opaque colour pay-off. It can be layered and blended out easily. It is less pink than Fleur Power, brighter and more coral than Peaches, and brighter than Melba.

I've read mixed reviews on these blushes, but when I finally swatched these for myself, I was pleasantly surprised and glad to see that both of them had soft, finely-milled textures that applied smoothly and evenly, and had great pigmentation (again, there could be deviation between the versions of these sent to people for reviews and the versions of these made for consumers). These actually come with 9.5 grams of product making them about the same size as MAC's Beauty Powders or Mineralize Skinfinishes rather than their regular blushes (which has 6 grams of product), so at $28.50, you're getting a lot more bang for your buck. My only complaint is that they didn't make these both available at MAC locations. Between the two, I actually think Sideshow You would be more popular, but for whatever reason, MAC has made it available online only, so if you had your heart set on it, don't expect to be able to see it in person first before purchasing. Other than that, I think MAC did a great job with these blushes; they're both super-cute, wearable shades that reflect the fun nature of show (rather than being trend-based), and they come in cute packaging (I especially love that Marge's head is imprinted on the powder) with cute names that both MAC and The Simpsons fans can love.
8 comments on "MAC The Simpsons: Powder Blushes"
  1. I realized last night that I don't have a fuchsia pink blush, but I think it's probably for the best, because pink doesn't usually flatter me :P I really like the Sideshow one, but of course it's online only...argh.

    1. I think pink flatters everyone -- you just gotta find the right one! You should totally get a fuchsia blush!!! :D

      And yes, the Sideshow You blush is so much more widely flattering. I mean, I've worn both and love them but I think corals tend to be more popular.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy both of these shades! However, as cute as the Marge pattern is INSIDE,, I'm NOT a fan of the bright yellow compacts! I'm such a packaging snob! But at least I'm not discerning because of price - I also dislike the yellow gold of most YSL packaging, lol. I just want everything black and silver, m'kay?

    1. LOL. How many brands only do black and silver?

      I love special edition packaging. It makes make-up more fun and unique to look at. Plus, when you've got so much product, you know exactly what you're looking for if the packaging stands out. ;)

  3. Yeah, I would have grabbed Side Show You in a heart beat. The other I saw at the stores today but didn't grab me. I'm saving myself for Sephora VIB and the holidays and then we're DONE I say. DONE!

    1. So weirdly enough, having worn both blushes for a week now, I think you'd actually like Pink Sprinkles. It can get pretty damn bright on the cheeks. Just sayin'. ;)

      LOL, you SAY done, but you know it never works that way. Man, when the next Sephora VIB sale starts... TIME TO FEAST.

  4. hmmm online only is a bummer. i'm not a huge fan of buying online just b/c of shipping costs, unless i really have to but you're right, i'm totally drawn to sideshow you.

    1. Yeah, I think they really should've made Sideshow You available in store. Such a shame. And that's fair re: shipping costs. I always end up making sure I buy enough to get the free shipping (which isn't hard with make-up) but it sucks if you only want one thing. :(


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