Friday Five: Storm

Friday, August 8, 2014
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What does your storm preparedness stuff look like? I don't have like, an actual "storm emergency kit" or anything, but you know, I have all the essentials at home: a case of bottled water, lots of non-perishable foods, a flashlight, batteries, way too many candles should the flashlight not work, a lighter, and cigarettes.

  2. What kinds of storms make you the most uncomfortable? Hurricanes and tornadoes.

  3. What's the longest you've ever gone without electricity, and what were the circumstances? I would say that it was the Northeast Blackout of 2003. My house got electricity back at about 4:00 in the morning (so about 12 hours after the blackout started), but many people went without for over 24 hours. I personally didn't get affected by the December 2013 Ice Storm as my neighbourhood was one of the few that had power, but a lot of people, including most of my friends and family, didn't have power for five days to a week (this was all during Christmas week, too, so lots of turkey dinners were cancelled). It was especially bad because the temperature would drop to about -15°C at night, so a lot of people had to evacuate their houses.

    My street during last year's ice storm

    Iced trees

    It's basically a scene from Frozen

  4. What's the worst damage a storm has done to your dwelling? When the ice and snow started to melt from last year's ice storm, water was seeping into my basement so there were areas that were getting flooded. And the constant condensation on the windows during the winter ruined the wooden frames, so we had to get them replaced this spring.

  5. What was the occasion for your last storming of the gates? Not sure if this is meant literally or metaphorically, but either way, I don't really storm gates. Not my style.
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