MAC Alluring Aquatic: Nail Lacquers

Friday, May 23, 2014

Yesterday, MAC released their first major summer colour collection, Alluring Aquatic, in stores. It is inspired by "mythological sirens of the deep" and 1940s "aquamusicals" (such as those featuring Esther Williams). The entire collection features a total of 32 products, of which 29 are new and limited edition, and three are permanent at all locations. Alluring Aquatic will see the launch of three new and limited edition shades of Nail Lacquer. They come in special edition bottles with metallic teal caps that are "elegantly accented with sheer water droplets," as well as matching secondary cardstock boxes. Each lipstick contains 10 ml of product, and retails for $21. 

Neptune, Shimmerfish, and Submerged

Neptune (index finger + pinky), Shimmerfish (middle finger), and Submerged (thumb + ring finger)

Neptune is a medium tarnished gold with a khaki-olive sheen in a Frost finish. It goes on smoothly and evenly, without any pulling, bubbling, or streaking. It is completely self-levelling. It has medium-high pigmentation, and goes opaque in two medium-thick coats. It is warmer than MAC Immortal Gold, less shimmery than A-England Holy Grail, and less green and less duochrome than Chanel Péridot.

Shimmerfish is a light-medium warm-toned silver with gold and copper sparkle in a Pearl finish. It goes on smoothly and evenly, without any pulling, bubbling, or streaking. It is completely self-levelling. It has high pigmentation, and goes opaque in two thin-medium coats. It is similar though with smaller shimmer particles than OPI Designer... de Better!, similar though with less gold sparkle than A-England Excalibur, and similar though with more copper sparkle than China Glaze Gossip Over Gimlets.

Submerged is a dark navy blue with teal and purple duochrome in a Frost finish. It goes on smoothly and evenly, without any pulling, bubbling, or streaking. It is completely self-levelling. It has medium pigmentation, and goes opaque in three medium coats. It is similar to Sally Hansen Black and Blue, and darker and less teal than China Glaze Deviantly Daring and Chanel Azuré.

Somewhat unexpected shades for summer like the rest of Alluring Aquatic, but goes beautifully with the colour story and collection as a whole. I think all three of these would've been must-haves a few years ago when these types of shades were all novelties... but given that many brands have similar shades now does give the average consumer a lot more alternatives, and some at much cheaper prices. However, MAC has definitely upped the quality of their nail polish formula on these; they all go on smoothly and evenly with a nice consistency that's not too thick or watery. None of these are really must-haves, but they are undoubtedly gorgeous shades (in the same amazing special edition packaging) that will work beautifully all year round.
6 comments on "MAC Alluring Aquatic: Nail Lacquers"
  1. Uh... I happened to be at a mall today and found myself buying Shimmerfish. To be honest, I don't have anything really like it. But the real reason is that all the ED shadows were sold out, lol. Funny but the bronzers were all still there - I thought that would be the first thing to sell but I don't disagree with the crowd who obviously saw the fabulousness of the ED shadows!

    1. I think if you had A-England's Excalibur, I'd say Shimmerfish is skippable... But the packaging here is to die for. :P I actually like all three of these nail polishes. I don't usually like every colour of nail polish that MAC comes out with their LE collections, but when I saw these, I was like YESSSS BE MINE!!! That having been said... I do have quite a few dupes of these. :P

      The shadows were the first to sell out, for sure. I think it's due to the quantities that were sent out to each store, though. I know some stores only received three of each shade. And of course, once something sells out, it creates a frenzy -- a PANIC -- for people to hunt it down. The bronzers are GORGEOUS but I don't think everyone embraces bronzers. I actually wasn't using bronzer a lot until these ones came out and now I'm kinda obsessed with them because everyone comments on how glowy and healthy my skin looks. :P

  2. I love Shimmerfish! But round bottles...NO ROUND BOTTLES.

    1. LOL! As a nail polish addict, I don't discriminate by bottle shape. :P But I agree that they can be a pain in the ass to store with non-round bottles... But I organize my polishes by brand so it's not that bad, lol.

      You can always get A-England Excalibur if you want a dupe in a square bottle. :P

  3. Haha yea, I looked at these but passed - partly due to the shades (though I kinda liked Shimmerfish) and partly because of the round bottles :P I think if they were either more fabulous shades I woulda got past the bottle, or if they were square bottles I would have bought one...lame reasons maybe, but it keeps me from buying EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!

    1. Why are y'all such round bottle haters?! :P


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