Friday Five: Bonus Questions, 5

Monday, March 17, 2014
This month, Friday Five is doing bonus questions every Monday and Wednesday:
  1. What was your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction? I was wearing light-coloured underwear with black leggings a couple years ago, and I thought the black leggings were totally opaque... but it was then brought to my attention that they were not and the shirt I was wearing that day wasn't long enough to cover my bum fully. So, yeah, many, many people saw my underoos that day.

  2. What's something awful that happened to you or someone you know involving email? I can't really think of anything that's happened recently involving e-mail. When I was in middle school, some bitches got ahold of my school e-mail password and would send incriminating messages to other people in my class. It got bad enough that we had to have a discussion with the principal of the school. But that's pretty much it.

  3. In what embarrassing location have you fallen down? Finch subway station. I was in high school at the time. I saw that my bus had arrived at the terminal, so I was running for it (with a gigantic backpack, mind you) and tripped up the stairs. I was splayed on the ground, and my backpack ripped open and all my books were scattered everywhere. And this was in the middle of rush hour, so there were tons of people there to witness it. It was bad.

  4. What's something that embarrasses you but probably shouldn't? My fat rolls?

  5. Have you ever done anything embarrassing while driving? Singing and head-banging, usually... but it's not my fault if I'm playing a ridiculously good song, is it?

  6. When did you last have a "eureka!" moment? Usually when I figure out a new way of using a product that I've used for ages. Most recent one was using MAC Pro Longwear Concealer as an eye primer. Amazing results.

  7. What's something you recently learned about something you already knew pretty well? I know a lot of make-up and make-up application techniques and can call myself an expert at it, but there's always something new to learn in my field. I was watching some of Jaclyn Hill's make-up tutorials recently and she has some awesome techniques that I have personally never tried but now want to implement. 

  8. What's something you don't know much about that others mistakenly think you do? Hairstyling. A lot of people think make-up artists know a lot about hair, and while many of us do and I did a hairstyling course in make-up school, it's not something that I'm an expert in and I've forgotten quite a lot of things I learned about it. It's just not something I'm that interested in.

  9. What's a word you recently learned the meaning of? Copacetic (adjective): In excellent order.

  10. Who's an extremely well-known person in your field but is relatively unknown outside it? Grace Lee. She was my fashion and photographic make-up instructor when I was in make-up school. She worked for MAC for over 12 years and was a regional trainer and Global Senior Artist for them before she left. She has worked on countless celebrities and models, for editorials, television, fashion shows, and red carpet events. And now she is the lead make-up artist for Maybelline Canada.

I promise, I will have a "real" post tomorrow!
6 comments on "Friday Five: Bonus Questions, 5"
  1. hahahah yea i've had underwear exposing events too...embarrasing...

  2. I had a lot of fun reading this :) Hmmm....embarrassing moment to do with a wardrobe malfunction? Just today LOL!...I wore my jeggings the wrong way round with the bum pockets in front. My lovely polite friend did not say a peep about it. I blame it on baby brain - I was in such a rush to change in the morning while my lil one was taking one of his quickie naps.

    1. LOOOOL! I have totally put on my jeggings backwards before, but I always know because I'm like, "WAIT. Why does the front feel so baggy...?" I'm totally one of those people who tell my friends if they're wearing something backwards or if they have something in their teeth or toilet paper on their shoe or whatever, lol. I like to think I'm doing them a favour. :P

  3. Lol, a good opaque legging can be hard to find. I spent $50 on a thick pair from Jacob and never regretted it because it's completely opaque and seriously durable. I live in that thing during winters.

    If baring a breast by accident in a public swimming pool counts as wardrobe malfunction... YUP.


      I've stopped wearing leggings because I find that I gain weight without noticing, lol. I've switched to denim leggings (the ones from Uniqlo aren't TOO stretchy) so I get the comfort but still some structure. :P But after that whole see-through-leggings ordeal, my mom actually gave me a pair of hers from the early '90s that are TOTALLY opaque. :D


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