Tekka Sushi

Monday, June 3, 2013
Steph and I went for some all-you-can-eat Japanese at Tekka Sushi:

Uni (sea urchin) sushi

Salmon sashimi and salmon tataki

Rainbow roll (California roll wrapped in sashimi) and Sun roll (shrimp tempura, crab, cucumber, and crispy spicy tempura bits)

Salmon roses

Deep-fried gyoza

Deep-fried coconut shrimp

Seafood udon noodle soup

Deep-fried bananas

They have two menus for their AYCE service, the silver menu for $14.99 and the gold menu (which includes sashimi) for $19.99, both of which also come with several special add-on items for an extra cost. This marks the first AYCE restaurant where I have found uni on the menu (at $0.99 extra per piece) — so good. I found the quality and variety of the sushi and sashimi to be most impressive here; everything is fresh, beautifully presented, and well-portioned (I find many AYCE places make their rolls and sashimi slices too big so that you become very full very fast, and you barely have room for anything else — seriously, there's been many a time where I've had to hide sushi in napkins just so we don't get penalized with leftover food charges). Their cooked dishes are standard, no better or worse than any other AYCE place I've been, but there's a solid variety available to please everybody. What stands out for me here is the service, which is super polite, incredibly attentive, and very efficient — a rarity at AYCE restaurants. To be fair, it is a very small space, with no more than 25 seats — not to mention that it's located in a tiny plaza tucked inside a residential neighbourhood — but they don't deviate from quality and I think that's what sets them apart.

Tekka Sushi
107 Parkway Forest Drive
North York, ON M2J 1L9
(416) 496-2685
4 comments on "Tekka Sushi"
  1. MMMmmmmmMMMmmmm!!!

    Those sashimi slices are very generous portions! I hate how they give you slivers of sashimi at most AYCE restaurants. And you can't ever go wrong with deep fried shrimp!

    We need to go eat somewhere soon!!

    1. Oddly enough, I find that most of the AYCE places I go to give HUGE slabs of sashimi. Not that it's a bad thing, but you know, when you order 20 pieces, it gets overwhelming, as you should well know, lol!

      And yes, please! I haven't seen you in ages! When are you free?

    2. LMAO!! Who could forget that night my eyes were rolling back in my eye sockets because of all the damn salmon I was eating.

      I'm free most Fridays and Saturdays!! You?? Let's EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. LOOOOL, though we were gonna get mercury poisoning or some shit, for real.

      I always have work on Saturdays but I'm always free in the evening... I'm off on occasional Fridays, though, like I think this coming Friday. You free?


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