A Little Dinner Party

Saturday, April 6, 2013
Last week, Wynnie's chef friend, Jeff, told us that he'd invite us over to his house and cook dinner for us sometime. Little did we know that he'd actually make good on his offer so soon. He spent a full day shopping and prepping food, and put together a phenomenal four-course meal for us that included:

Spinach salad with cajun crispy chicken and pineapple in spicy creamy ranch dressing

Fresh butternut squash soup

Rack of lamb with a gingersnap and honey crust, slices of ribeye steak with maître d' butter, creamy mashed parsnips and potatoes, and steamed spring vegetables

Molten dark chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries

You know how some people tell you they can cook but then you taste their food and they really can't? Well, Jeff is not one of those people. He has worked in various restaurants for over a decade, with six years of experience at a fancy hotel restaurant, so dude's got skills. He made us one of those meals that you seriously wish would never end, even though you already have multiple food babies. Le sigh. So, basically, Jeff is my new favourite person, ever. 
6 comments on "A Little Dinner Party"
  1. Jeff is my new fave, too, lol! Look at all that. AMAZING!

    1. I KNOW. I didn't want the meal to end, seriously. I was SO FULL and I was like, "Noooooo!!!" LOL.

      People always tell me, "I wish you could live with me so you could do my make-up everyday." And I'm like, "PSH, IF I HAD THE MONEY, I'D GET A LIVE-IN CHEF."

  2. Replies
    1. You know what to do, Steph. So we can have these fantastic meals everyday...

      Just sayin'...

    2. I hope he invites us for dinner again soon!!! BBQ SEASON IS COMING UP! :D

      I will bring him a bottle of wine next time. Or something summery. What packaged alcoholic beverage is summery? Do they package sangria? Is that gross? :P


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