A-England Nail Varnish in She Walks in Beauty

Monday, April 8, 2013

Over the winter, A-England released two new shades for their Heavenly Quotes collection, joining one of my favourite A-England shades of all time, Beauty Never Fails. I got really excited when I heard A-England was going to be releasing new shades, but when I finally saw swatches of them, She Walks in Beauty was the only one that interested me, so that's the only one I bought. The shade names from the Heavenly Quotes collection are inspired by quotes from various poems and letters. The shade and name of this polish are inspired by the Lord Byron poem, "She Walks in Beauty": "She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies…"

She Walks in Beauty (layered on top of Julep's Sienna)

She Walks in Beauty is a pale gold ultra-fine micro-shimmer base with small and large light rose hexagonal glitter. It's a seemingly complex shade, as the micro-shimmer can look gold, gilded olive, tarnished silver, or light pewter depending on the lighting and the angle. It has a thicker consistency that is common with chunkier glitter polishes, but it doesn't hinder the application. It goes on smoothly and evenly, without any pulling, bubbling, or streaking. The glitter goes on evenly dispersed, and I had no problems getting the glitter to stay put, either. Due to the ultra-fine shimmer particles of the base, it does not fully reach opacity, and is therefore recommended to use as a layering polish (in the photo above, I've layered it on top of Julep's Sienna). I can't think of any close dupes for this; A-England's And the Moonbeams... (the other shade released in Heavenly Quotes) has a very similar base but with no hexagonal glitter, and Julep's Vivien is has gold hexagonal glitter instead of pink. There's something ultra-feminine and almost magical about this polish, like cherry blossom petals floating in a pool of sun-reflected water.
4 comments on "A-England Nail Varnish in She Walks in Beauty"
  1. I'm really sad about this polish, because in the bottle it rocks my world, but every time I see it swatched it's just too much for me :( I don't know why, I just can't get behind it, sadly!

    1. By "too much," do you mean too busy? I agree that it's not the most... seamless looking polish. If that makes sense.

      I get what you mean by not being able to get behind it, though. It's not my favourite glitter polish -- I think it would look better if the base mixed the pale gold with rose gold to give it a bit more depth. I think, however, that it can look different depending on what you layer it on top of... I'm going to have to do some experimenting with this one!

  2. I have mixed feelings about this one, too. It wouldn't be the first a-England polish on my list of things to buy. But it really does look like spring time.

    1. I was really excited at first because it was A-England's first foray into glitter polish... but it's underwhelming in execution, I think. I'm so used to A-England's amazing formula and rich colours that this one didn't seem to be so... A-ENGLAND to me, you know? :P


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