Friday Five: Gripe session

Friday, September 24, 2021
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What complaints do you have about this weekend? I don't really have any complaints about the weekend. Or, at least, my weekend, which is Sunday and Monday. If you're counting Saturday, then my gripe is that I have to work.

  2. What are your grievances with yourself? The main one that I have right now is that I limited all my work experience to customer service. I'm looking into applying to administrative jobs right now, and even though my previous job as a store manager required a lot of administrative work, it's just not considered administrative experience. And I've discovered that even for entry level jobs in admin, you have to have admin experience. It's extremely frustrating.

  3. What are your objections to rainbows, flowers, and puppies? Hmm. I don't really have any real objections to these. I suppose rainbow colours don't go with my decor? And flowers attract insects? And puppies pee everywhere? But I mean, I still like rainbows, flowers, and puppies.

  4. What are your criticisms about your domicile? There is not enough space for all of my BTS stuff. Although I suppose it's more realistic to buy less BTS stuff than move into a bigger apartment when I live by myself...

  5. What's your beef with excessively negative people? They're annoying as fuck, and I immediately cut them out of my life. I'm dealing with my own negativity, why do I need to deal with yours?
2 comments on "Friday Five: Gripe session"
  1. I picture you selling and buying residences over the next ten years, each time so you have more room for your BTS stuff. Then they'll feature you one one of those TV shows where they show people's unique houses. And then people will flock to see it and in a few years, you'll have made back everything you ever spent on BTS stuff.

    There's a tragic alternate ending to this story but I'm not going there.

    1. LMAO! This is my goal in life. That's it. That's all I want.



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