Friday Five: Itemized

Friday, August 27, 2021
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What item do you own more than one of, while most people own exactly one? Toasters. I have two regular toasters and a toaster oven. But one of my regular toasters is in storage, so it shouldn't count, right...?

  2. What item do you own none of, while most people own exactly one? A television.

  3. Among stuff you own, what item is most likely to be borrowed by an acquaintance? None, because I don't lend stuff out to acquaintances. I used to let people borrow my stuff — books, DVDs, etc. — all the time and I never got any of them back. So I've learned my lesson.

  4. What item are you most likely to borrow from an acquaintance? None, because I don't want to have to remember to give something back to an acquaintance. Plus, if I really want something, I just buy it for myself. Also, I realized I don't have a lot of acquaintances. You're pretty much either a family member or a really good friend of mine. And I don't borrow anything from any of them. Although I will say, if I ask my mom to borrow something, she'll end up just giving it to me. It's how I ended up with so much Tupperware.

  5. What did you most recently purchase and not use? I have not yet used the mini grill I bought last month... BUT I WILL! I just need to find the right thing to grill, you know?

2 comments on "Friday Five: Itemized"
  1. I once borrowed my mom's mini-van and she told me to keep it!

    I don't know what's weird anymore about friends and acquaintances, so I can't evaluate your situation. I have a million of both mostly because I'm terrible about letting go of things, including relationships. I think when it comes to stuff like that, whatever works for you is normal.

    Is the mini-grill the same size as the mini-wafflemaker? I feel like you could use them in tandem somehow to stack something interesting.

    1. As long as the people in your life are good people, then that's all that matters! I've cut ties with a lot of toxic "friends." Just people who brought a lot of negativity or have more negative traits than positive ones or stress me out for no reason.

      And yes, the mini grill is the same size as the waffle maker! Using them both for the same dish is not a bad idea, actually, like a homemade McGriddle or something, lol. On that note, I have finally used the mini grill! Cooked a burger on there. Works really well, but clean up is a bitch 'cause you can't just wash the grill. Had to get a toothbrush to get all the gunk out.


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