Friday Five: How are you feeling today?

Friday, September 18, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What were you most recently anxious about? Moving. And having enough space for all of my stuff, which I am still anxious about. The sheer amount of BTS merch that I own is... daunting. In fact, I have four bookcases and all of them are full of BTS or BT21 stuff. And I still have ten boxes of DVDs, books, and CDs that I have yet to unpack, and have nowhere to put. So I had to order another two bookcases from Ikea today. And quite frankly, I may still not have enough space. (And this is after I've thrown away another six garbage bags full of makeup, another four bags of clothing, a bag of shoes, and two bags of handbags.) Y'all, moving from a house to an apartment IS NOT EASY. I have spent the last two days unpacking and organizing until 5:00AM and I'm not even close to being done.

  2. What were you most recently apologetic about? After the little fender bender I had last week (a guy backed into my car in a parking lot), I scraped the left side of my car while trying to park in my underground parking spot. (It is very, very inconveniently in between two cement walls, in one of the smallest spaces in the lot. And I can't get assigned another spot because they've all been given out already.) So I am very apologetic to my car and to my future bank account because I will need to get this shit fixed at some point.

  3. What are you feeling cautious about these days? Spending money. Things are gonna be really tight as I get adjusted to condo living. I've had to buy a whole lot of new shit (small appliances, dining ware, extra bookshelves, rugs, a new desk, etc.) and really can't afford to be buying things for fun anymore (like BTS stuff — I've been good and only bought the two-day pass for the upcoming Map of the Soul ON:E online concert in October, but none of the other ADORABLE AS FUCK merch that's come out even though I really, REALLY wanted to).

  4. Heading into the weekend, what are you confident about? That my Ikea bookshelves will arrive on Sunday and I will finish building both on the same day.

  5. What were the consequences (good and bad) the last time you felt adventurous? I felt pretty adventurous when Ying and I went to the BTS Jungkook birthday cafe event downtown — it was the first time that either of us had taken public transportation since March. A good consequence is that we had an awesome time at the event, got some bubble tea, and were able to officially celebrate the birthday of our beloved Jungkookie. A bad consequence is the risk we take by going on public transportation during a pandemic.
2 comments on "Friday Five: How are you feeling today?"
  1. Are you one of those people who apologizes do your car when you drive through a pothole, patting the dashboard as you say sorry? I have a few friends who do this.

    Yes, moving sucks. I don't envy you one iota.

    I picked up some Oreos they must surely have where you live: maple cream? YUes? Haven't opened them yet but looking forward to it this week!

    1. Haha, I do not say sorry to my car... out loud.

      I also don't envy me. :( My vacation week was not a vacation and, in fact, was harder than my actual work.

      I don't think we have maple cream Oreos, but I will surely be on the look out now! Maybe they're a fall flavour? But I mean... it should absolutely be a permanent flavour in Canada. It's just common sense.


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