Photolog 2019: Day 220 of 365

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Finally went to try out Alchemy Coffee for brunch with my friend Maegan. We each got an iced latte with oat milk, and then shared the Chicken + Waffles served with sweet chili sauce and the Salmon Eggs Benny with portobello mushrooms and home fries. The Chicken + Waffles might be one of the best iterations of the dish I've ever had. (Not in authenticity, mind you, because we're not in the South, but in quality and flavour.) They use dark meat here, which means the meat stays tender and juicy throughout (I have always preferred dark meat to white meat, though, so this might make me biased), but the thing to really write home about is the batter — it's beautifully crispy with incredible flavour and contains the perfect crunch in every bite. Simply put, it is excellent. Seriously, with no exaggeration, it was some of the best fried chicken I've ever had in the city. (Them some fighting words, but I SAID WHAT I SAID.)

The Salmon Eggs Benny, with plush portobello mushrooms and crisp kale, was also gorgeous; they don't use a traditional hollandaise sauce here, with the addition of cheese that makes it richer and more flavourful, but it complements the smoked flavour of the salmon and helps to balance out the earthiness of the mushrooms and kale. Their Eggs Benedicts are by no means traditional, but I think their unique twist on them is what makes the Eggs Bennies their most popular dishes. The space is small and the parking is very limited, but it's cozy and the service is great, and I can why so many people come here. (Seriously, we went on a weekday afternoon at 2:30 PM, which is by no means a popular hour to eat, and we got the last table which had just been cleared.) In conclusion, Alchemy is absolutely worth the hype.
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