Japan Crate: December 2018

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My December Premium Japan Crate arrived today, not even two weeks after I received my ultra-delayed November crate due to the Canada Post Union Workers strikes. I did realize that I would be eating a lot of candy this month because of this, but I didn't anticipate that my December crate would be arriving so soon. I haven't even gotten through half of the last box, so bear with me as I make my way through all the snacks (this is really a great problem to have, though, not gonna lie). This month's theme is (obviously) Christmas and includes the following:

  • Tohato Christmas Caramel Corn with Peanuts — "One of our favourite Christmas Japanese treats. These caramel crunchy snacks are a perfect break from all your holiday celebrating, plus are a great bag to share with friends and family."
  • Yaokin Chocolate Christmas Umaibo — "Typically a salty snack, this Umaibo is sweet and chocolate-flavoured for the holiday season. Hopefully, it was in time to make it onto the nice list."
  • Yaokin Princess' Disappearing Treasure — "This delicious cookie has a hidden secret! Inside, you'll find the Princess' secret strawberry and blueberry jam."
  • Yaokin Chocolate Waffle Cookie — "Last minute shopping have you busy? This chocolate waffle is a great pick-me-up that you can carry in your pocket to help get that last purchase right on time."
  • World of Stars Konpeito — "Konpeito is a traditional Japanese sweet with a taste similar to rock candy! While konpeito is often multicoloured, these are in a special holiday colour and packaged with fun elf creature on the wrapper."

  • Doutor Cocoa Toast — "Doutor is a popular Japanese coffee roaster and is known for having amazing flavours. They made a toast chip out of their famous cocoa flavour. The toast is lightly baked and has just the right amount of choco flavour to make you feel happy."
  • Coris Waku Waku Doubutsu Animal Soft Candy — "Make your own animal soft candies this December! Maybe you can recruit some little helpers."
  • Yaokin Christmas Brown Sugar Fugashi — "Enjoy this traditional Japanese snack with Christmas packaging. The wrapper says 'Merry Christmas!'"
  • Topseika Cola Gum — "While not a traditional polar bear Coca-Cola commercial, this cola gum will give you the same satisfying cola taste without the can (or bottle)."
  • Yaokin One Two Strawberry Wafer Biscuits — "Another pastry favourite for the holidays that will have you feeling merry and jolly in no time."
  • Dragon Ball Super Gum — "We've heard that the number of chews is your power level. What's yours?"

I'm still making my way through the November crate, but I can say that my favourites so far are the Yaokin Mr. Taro Onion Snacks, the Frito Lay Japan Butter Soy Sauce Dragon Potato Snacks, and the Kabaya Pure & Natural Grape Gummies. Definite duds are the Yaokin Saucy Senbai Rice Crackers (the styrofoam-like texture of the crackers and the thick, tangy BBQ-like sauce just do not go well together) and the Marukawa Orange Fusen Gum (I used to have these when I was little because they come in cute boxes and lots of different fruit flavours, but they lose all flavour in less than five minutes), but as a whole, the November crate has been really good. Way better than the October crate, which was a lot more gimmicky (I don't want a stupid Halloween mask, I just want the snacks). The December crate here looks similarly tasty, though I already know the konpeito candies and the chewing gums are going to be my least favourite (gum is not a fucking snack, y'all). Will report back in January.
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