G.C.F in Newark (VHS Ver.)

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Jungkook dropped a new Golden Closet Film last week, something totally different from his previous works. Kookie had mentioned in his V Live last month that he didn't bring any filming gear with him on tour, so I wasn't expecting any G.C.F projects at all for at least the next few months, but I think this might have been the result of missing working on a film project. This particular one is actually filmed like a vlog, probably using his phone or a point-and-shoot camera, and edited in a '90s VHS film style, capturing a day in the life of Jungkook when BTS is on tour. In that aforementioned V Live, Jungkook pondered aloud how ARMYs' days went, what we did on a day-to-day basis, and it seems like he was inspired by that train of thought. I don't think we've ever seen this kind of point of view from any member of BTS before, and it's interesting to see that their jobs are still jobs and they still have to treat them as such. They're not 9-to-5 or Monday to Friday, and obviously there's that whole fame factor, but they go through long days and hard work just like the rest of us. This video shows the contrast between the glitz and glam of their public persona and the normalcy and mundane routines of their private lives and how they intertwine with each other. I think Jungkook is just trying to show their fans that, despite their celebrity, they are normal people, too, maybe almost painfully so.

Also, while the title is "G.C.F in Newark," there are actually scenes from Hamilton as well (one for sure is at 6:15; the tablecloth in the back has the logo of Core Entertainment, which is the entertainment powerhouse that handled all of BTS' shows in Hamilton last month — they even responded to their little appearance in G.C.F here), so it likely features footage from all their days in Hamilton and Newark. Either way, clips from both dates of the BTS concerts I went to (September 23 in Hamilton and September 29 in Newark) are featured here, so watching this makes me feel nostalgic. And it's only been a week.
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