Photolog 2018: Day 280 of 365

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Decided to celebrate the long weekend with some late-night bubble tea, so Maegan and Jason took me to Feng Cha since I had never been. I decided to try the Twilight Milk Tea; I'm not sure what's actually in it, but it tastes like a milky jasmine tea with red bean in lieu of tapioca. I don't usually get floral teas, but this one was actually quite excellent. Also, it's pretty. I would get tapioca instead of red bean next time just 'cause I'm not personally big on red bean (I actually didn't even know it came with red bean until I got it 'cause there are no descriptors on their menu and the guy that took my order didn't mention it, either), but would recommend it to anyone who likes milky teas that aren't too sweet.
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