Friday Five: We'll always have Paris

Friday, September 30, 2022
This week's Friday Five:

  1. When did you most recently experience the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Over the summer, I've become good friends with my co-worker, Carmen! We've always been friendly but when we learned that we're both foodies, we started trying out different restaurants together and have made it a pretty regular thing out of it. We get along really well and we've gotten close enough to even think about traveling to Asia together next year.

  2. For whom did you last stick your neck out? One of my old co-workers, Linh. She was in charge of a lot of financial and administrative duties (the business manager, for lack of a better term), but she's pregnant and had to go on a sick leave a couple months ago because she had some health issues and then she'll be on maternity leave in November so she won't be returning to work for a while, if ever. (She'd been looking for the right opportunity to quit.) My boss blames a lot of things on her that aren't her fault at all and constantly talks shit about her, so I find myself sticking up for her a lot even though she's not at work anymore. I think it's wrong and I let him know it.

  3. What matters more to you, and what matters less as time goes by? As time goes by, quality matters more to me and quantity matters less, in all aspects of life. Except money.

  4. What have you been shocked—shocked!—to learn this week? That Ned Fulmer of the Try Guys cheated on his wife. He was that guy who would not shut up about her and how amazing she was and how much he loved her. Like, his whole brand and persona was built around his devotion to his wife. Then he goes and cheats on her with one of his employees, who was engaged herself, and was stupid enough to get caught in public. (He's since been fired from the Try Guys team.) I don't follow that many celebrities, but I've been following the Try Guys since their Buzzfeed days, so I was shocked when I read the news.

  5. Who's looking at you, kid? I hope no one because I live by myself and all my curtains are drawn and if someone is looking at me, it's really, really, really creepy.
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