Friday Five: Dancing in September

Friday, September 23, 2022
This week's Friday Five:

  1. How did you spend the 21st night of September? I made a halloumi sandwich for dinner, and then watched some YouTube videos, took a shower, watched some videos from BTS' Memories of 2021, and then went to bed.

  2. When did you last hear bells ringing (real bells, not something electronic)? Today. The building I work in is near a school and they ring bells around noon.

  3. What have you done in recent months to chase the clouds away for someone else? Er, nothing. I don't know anyone that currently needs clouds chased away.

  4. What are some good songs sung in falsetto? Well, here are the perfect videos to answer this question:

  5. Of earth, wind, and fire, which is likeliest to have a positive influence on your weekend? Ummm, fire, 'cause it lights all my cigarettes.
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