Friday Five: Willing and able

Friday, July 8, 2022
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What did you once dislike but now find pleasurable? Sparkling water.

  2. When did you last prove to be adaptable? TODAY. Rogers — one of Canada's largest Internet, wireless, and phone providers — had a nation-wide outage today, leaving thousands of businesses and millions of individuals, including myself, without Internet, phone, or wireless capabilities for over 18 hours. Never mind not being able to watch Netflix or search something on Google or post on social media. Debit card machines weren't working, people couldn't access their money from their banks, people couldn't use government services or public transportation. Some people couldn't even call 911. In short, Rogers FUCKED UP. My problems were really petty in comparison, but the inconvenience of not having Internet, data, or phone service is huge. All the plans I made today were automatically canceled solely because I couldn't send out or receive texts or calls. My Internet service provider is also Rogers so I didn't have WiFi, either. In short, I spent today reading (an actual book!), eating grilled cheese, and playing The Sims 4 offline instead. That was me adapting.

  3. Who's especially adorable? Jeon Jungkook.

  4. Among your possessions, what's especially durable? 3M Command Strips. Like, 90% of the stuff on my walls (from photo frames to bathroom shelving) is put up with Command Strips and that shit does not fucking budge. Also, my silicone kitchen utensils. Shit withstands intense heat and dishwashing and still looks brand new. Makes me wonder why anyone bothers with metal, wood, or plastic utensils.

  5. Among stuff you ate this week, what was the most delectable? Oof. It's a tie between the chirashi I had on Monday and the honey garlic pizza and jjimdak I had on Sunday...
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