Friday Five: Nice

Friday, April 1, 2022
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What's the nicest thing someone said to you this week? In a company meeting today, my boss told everyone that I was the best hire they've had in the last year and that I was excellent at my job and a huge asset to his office. (Context: He's fired 3 people this week due to incompetency.)

  2. What's the nicest music you heard this week? I've only been listening to Foo Fighters albums since Taylor Hawkins (RIP) died last week and they announced the cancellation of the rest of their tour. I'm usually so focused on their older albums that I've forgotten what a fantastic record Concrete and Gold is. "Run," "Sunday Rain," "Dirty Water," "The Sky is a Neighborhood" are all JAMS.

  3. What was the nicest surprise this week? My boss brought in cheese danishes from this Jewish bakery for us yesterday and they are INSANELY DELICIOUS. Like, more delicious than regular danishes. I don't know what kosher magic is in them, but they were pillowy and soft and filled with light fluffy cheese and I kept saying how good they were all morning long, so my boss gave me a second one. I love being the favourite.

  4. In what way did you make someone's day nicer this week? Well, I cooked dinner for my mom all week long and she has said all of the meals have been very good, so I'm thinking I made at least one of her days nicer this week.

  5. Who has a nice smile? Park Jimin. Even his eyes smile when he smiles. 
2 comments on "Friday Five: Nice"
  1. You made my day nicer a few times in just the past few minutes!

    1. Your comment about canned fish and rice made me laugh aloud. It's true that the move prompted it, but a friend brought those tins back from a trip and I'm getting to them now so I don't have to take them to the new place. :) Also, it's just fast and easy and non-stressful, which I need these days. :(

    2. "Run" is in my top five Foo Fighters songs. I've had my playlist going a few times since last weekend. :( But it's nice to hear the song does it for you too!

    3. Of COURSE you're the favorite!

    1. Haha, you gotta do what you gotta do when you move! I was eating so much take-out when I moved, so I do think your canned fish and rice diet is healthier. :) My mom actually loves eating canned sardines with rice, so no judgement!

      Yeah, I've been listening to Foo Fighters non-stop this past week. I'm still in mourning and got even sadder when I got my notice from Ticketmaster that the tour is cancelled and I'd be getting a refund for my tickets. :( My favourite album will always be The Color and the Shape because it's just so nostalgic for me, but "Run" always gets me pumped.

      Your comments always make my day nicer! :)


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