Friday Five: Feeling verse

Friday, January 14, 2022
This week's Friday Five:
  1. When did you take the road less traveled? December 2019, when I quit my full-time job at MAC. I had good pay, good benefits, and excellent RRSP contributions. And because I was hitting my 10 year mark, I also would've gotten 4 weeks of paid vacation. But I was MISERABLE AF. Management was awful, goals were unrealistic, the makeup industry is having a steady decline (in sales, in ideas, in originality, in artistry — you name it), customers are assholes, and retail is terrible in general. My mental health couldn't take it anymore, and it's a huge reason why I ended up having to take medication for high blood pressure. So I quit, despite having a lot to lose. Which has lead me to where I am now, and — knock on wood — I am a lot happier for it.

  2. When have you told the truth but told it slantWhen I call in sick to work. Like, when I'm not feeling that well, but I could have gone in to office. I tell an embellished truth. 

  3. When did you most recently strike outLast week, when I went to check my lottery tickets and DIDN'T WIN. Imagine that.

  4. In what way is today like a summer's dayIt was actually sunny today! (Nevermind that it was -10℃ with harsh, bitterly cold winds. THE SUN WAS OUT.)

  5. Where do you go to find yourselfIn my bed, or maybe the shower. Those are the places that I do the most contemplation. I am definitely not one of those people who need to go to a forest or a lake or a mountain or a beach (or anything nature-related, really) to think or relax or have an epiphany.
1 comment on "Friday Five: Feeling verse"
  1. That's because in Canada, the weather is trying to kill you. If you lived somewhere nice and pleasant, the weather would be much more nurturing. I mean, except for the ocean trying to drown you and sharks trying to eat you. The trick is not to think about sharks because that keeps them away. :)


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