Friday Five: The week that was

Friday, September 3, 2021
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What did you do too much of this week? Eat garlic bread. I've eaten it with four out of six meals at home this week. Since watching Binging with Babish make garlic bread, I've been obsessed. Plus, they turn out perfect in the air fryer every single time.

  2. What did you not do enough of this week? Exercise? Isn't this the same every week...?

  3. What surprised you this week? Kookie's birthday livestream! This is the first time he's ever done a livestream solely for his birthday, and not only was it 2.5 hours long (the longest livestream ever by a BTS member), but he sang both "Paradise" and "Sea," two of my Top 5 favourite BTS songs that they have never performed live. WE WERE BLESSED.

  4. What elated you this week? Read #3. But also, I had a second job interview on Monday. It wasn't necessarily the interview that elated me, but the prospect of a possible new job. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. What happened this week that'll lead to something good next week? Read #4. I'm supposed to hear back from the job interview next week and I'm praying that it'll be a good outcome. Also, Kookie's birthday was on Wednesday and there's a birthday cup sleeve event happening this Sunday that Ying and I are planning on going to. We have really missed BTS birthday events, especially since the last one we went to that wasn't in lockdown was actually Kookie's birthday last year. 
3 comments on "Friday Five: The week that was"
  1. Yeah that exercise thing is a killer. I've been a blob for two weeks pretty much. :(

    1. Oh, and for garlic bread I like those wide baguettes, but not too crusty. What do you use?

    2. LOL, I've been a blob for over a year-and-a-half. :P

      I've been using ciabatta buns which is basically the Italian version of a baguette but less crusty so it doesn't hurt the roof of my mouth, LOL. But wide, not-too-crusty baguettes would work really well, too. I will experiment. :)


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