Friday Five: Just vegging

Friday, March 5, 2021
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What's your favourite root vegetable, and what's your favourite way to eat it? Well, I mean, it's gotta be the potato. And I'm gonna go with mashed, followed very (very) closely by fried.

  2. What's your favourite leafy green, and what's your favourite way to eat it? Spinach. Creamed. Maybe because I only get it, like, once every two years, so creamed spinach is a treat to me. It's so fattening and so delicious and god, I need to go to a steakhouse ASAP.

  3. What's your favourite legume, and what's your favourite way to eat it? Chickpeas. I eat it them the most in hummus, but I do also quite like it just plain in salads. I also like peanuts. And peas. And edamame. (As it turns out, I really like legumes.)

  4. What's your favourite vegetable to put on a pizza? Mushrooms. But if you don't count it as a vegetable ('cause it's technically fungi), then I'll go with green peppers, which is actually the only way I like bell peppers.

  5. What's your favourite fruit to eat in a green salad? Tomato. 
2 comments on "Friday Five: Just vegging"
  1. Yeah, those are some good Oreos. I hope you soon discover some of the other nice varieties. Have you seen the Lady Gaga ones?

    This pineapple pizza thing has come up a lot this week! The first thing you should know is that while you can find pineapple on pizza at pizza joints in Hawaii, nowhere will you see it called Hawaiian pizza. This is because "Hawaiian" has a couple of specific meanings and people don't like the word used outside these meanings (except in a few grandfathered phrases).

    I enjoy pineapple in all kinds of cooked situations, but pizza isn't one of them. I'll eat it if that's all there is because it's pizza. But there are soooooo many other great ways to eat pineapple that putting it on pizza seems like a waste. :) What about you?

    1. LOL, I had never even heard of Lady Gaga Oreos. I just Googled them; it seems like they've just changed the colours and the imprint on the cookie, but not the flavour. Have you tried them?

      Ironically, Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada, LOL. There was a man who owned a small pizza shop in a small town a couple hours from here and wanted something different to offer to his customers, so he put pineapple and ham on pizza and called it "Hawaiian" after the brand of canned pineapples he used. Oddly, Canadian pizza - which is essentially a meat lovers pizza - is far less popular.

      I actually love Hawaiian pizza. It's weird, because growing up here, it was always one of the options at pizza parties. It was like, "Okay, we'll get one cheese, one pepperoni, and one Hawaiian." Every person I know here loves Hawaiian pizza. In fact, I don't actually know anyone in real life that doesn't like it. For me, it's that mix of sweet and savoury. It's why I love honey on pizza, too. I think it might be my Chinese background, though. Grew up eating sweet and sour pork all the time. :)


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