Friday Five: A clubhouse ain’t nothin' but a sandwich

Friday, February 26, 2021
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What is the longest you ever spent on the phone on one call? 4 hours. It was with my friend Ying a few months ago. I think I called her about buying some BTS merch (we try to order together to save on shipping costs) and then it spiralled from there. I remember getting off the phone with her at 5:00AM.

  2. When you were a teen, how important was the phone in your daily life? Pretty important because we didn't have social media or smartphones. A lot of us just used MSN messaging to communicate outside of school, but because texting and cell phone minutes were expensive (and there was no such thing as phone data or Wi-Fi), we always just made plans ahead of time either in person or using landlines.

  3. How much do you use the actual telephone function of your phone today? A lot, since my job requires use of the phone. I'm basically on the phone for a minimum of 7 hours a day, 5 days a week.

  4. How well do you handle phone calls at work? Pretty damn well, since it's literally my job to talk to people about their finances and banking needs on the phone. (What, you think I talk to people in person? We're in a pandemic.)

  5. What are some good telephone-themed songs? 

  6. BTS — Could You Turn Off Your Cell Phone?

    Paramore — Hello Hello

    No Doubt — Spiderwebs

    Blondie — Call Me

    Lady Gaga (feat. Beyonce) — Telephone
2 comments on "Friday Five: A clubhouse ain’t nothin' but a sandwich"
  1. Ugggggggh I don't think I could survive talking on the phone that much every day, even though professionally I'm quite good on the phone. My parents taught me good phone manners. But it would be such a drain on me!

    I prefer a Quarter-Pounder because the meat-to-bun ratio is closer to ideal, but sometimes the McDoubles are cheaper and you have to go with that. My grandma used to order two cheeseburgers, take the patty out of one, and place it in the other sandwich. This was before McD's had McDoubles or double cheeseburgers. Woman was a trailblazer. :)

    1. It is quite draining. Not because I'm on the phone but because PEOPLE are exhausting. I need to look for a non-client-facing position, lol.

      Your grandma knew what was up. Maybe that's why they ended up releasing the McDouble! Weirdly enough, I think I prefer the ratio of the regular cheeseburger. And, hey, for the price of one Quarter Pounder, you can get three cheeseburgers...


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