Friday Five: Year in review, part 2

Friday, December 25, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What did you learn in 2020? Owning real estate is a lot of fucking responsibility. And expensive as hell. I always knew that it wasn't easy or cheap, but I didn't really understand the full extent of being a homeowner until this year.

  2. What do you regret doing (or not doing) in 2020? My biggest regret this year was not being able to see BTS in concert. After the fucking Hunger Games that was getting tickets for the Map of the Soul Tour — and actually managing to get soundcheck tickets for both dates in Toronto — the whole tour had to, of course, get postponed. It was devastating because it was the main thing I had to look forward to this year, even more than moving into my condo. Because I had already waited five years for the condo to get built. And I could have moved into the condo any time I wanted to after the closing date. But BTS only has so much time to tour before they have to go to military. And when they do finally go (Jin has to enlist by end of next year unless they change military laws again), it could be years, maybe even a decade, before they can tour together again.

  3. What are you proud of doing in 2020? Finally owning my own home. 

  4. Who did you get to know better in 2020? My friend Ying! It's funny, I only met her last year, but we've gotten so much closer this year and I'd consider her one of my closest friends now. We both worked for MAC and our colleague introduced us, but it wasn't until she became an ARMY that we started really talking. (She had mentioned that she got into BTS to Chelsea, who also worked at MAC part-time, and she told Ying to message me on Instagram because I would "definitely reply if it's about BTS." And the rest is history.) And we actually now work for the same bank together. And my apartment is literally five minutes from her house. So yeah, we've become really good friends. She and her husband even invited me over for Christmas dinner tonight.

  5. What do you hope to accomplish in the remaining days of 2020? Relax. Not stress. Try to get more sleep. Watch BigHit's first ever New Year's Eve Live concert (I bought my ticket a few weeks ago). Frankly, I don't have a lot of expectations for the next six days.
1 comment on "Friday Five: Year in review, part 2"
  1. Yep. Missing out on concerts is right up there on my list too. I actually had tickets to a concert in a small club March 7 but the band had just come from touring Australia and Japan (two of the early hot spots!) and all those bodies in that small space freaked me out. I gave my ticket away. :(

    Relaxing and not stressing are noble accomplishments to close out the year, I say.


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