Friday Five: Set 'em up

Friday, October 16, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What's your favourite film set in space? I'm not a huge fan of space movies in general, but I'd probably say WALL:E. Or Space Jam. 🤘🏼

  2. What's your favourite film set at sea? Finding Nemo. (Are you starting to see a pattern?)

  3. What's your favourite film set in a non-U.S. city? Amélie, which is also one of my favourite movies of all time. It's set in Paris.

  4. What's your favourite film set before the 20th Century? Also not a huge fan of historical films, but I do love Mulan. (Weirdly enough, I don't like space, sea, or historical movies, but once it's animated, it's totally awesome.)

  5. What's your favourite film set on a university campus? Pitch Perfect. SO. FREAKING. GOOD.
2 comments on "Friday Five: Set 'em up"
  1. I've had Pitch Perfect 2 in my Blu-Ray player for more than a week and have watched it every night. Twice, some nights. It's better than I remember it, and also just as bad as I remember it, but it makes me feel good, dang it. So I'm not even sorry. I guess I'll have to move on to Pitch Perfect 3 eventually. :) Have you seen the new Mulan? I'm reluctant because reviews have been mixed (and it's pricey for a person who lives alone), but what a cast. I'll probably see it just to celebrate the cast.

    1. Pitch Perfect 2 is good, but my favourite will always be the first one! I've re-watched it at least 20 times now. But I agree, there's something about the franchise in general that is feel-good - not just the songs, but the characters and comradery, too. PP3 was okay, definitely my least favourite of the three, but I think it was to be expected. It really should've ended at two, IMO.

      I haven't watched the new Mulan, but I might rent it on YouTube or iTunes just because the trailer looked so epic and I do love the story of Mulan. I'm not even sure who's in the cast, lol. I haven't paid any attention to any reviews, but I disagree with a lot of reviews, anyway, so I'll have to see for myself. :)


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