Friday Five: She’s going the distance; she’s going for speed

Friday, July 3, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What's your favourite cake? After much thought, I'm gonna go with caramel crunch cake. Or carrot cake (with cream cheese frosting only). Or a Baskin Robbins Maple Walnut ice cream cake. Or the 24K Mango Cheesecake from Daan Go Cake Lab. But in thinking about the answer to this question, I've come to the conclusion that pie is better. (I like crust.)

  2. When did you last have pancakes? A couple of weeks ago; I had seafood pajeon for dinner!

  3. When did you last bake a cake or a cake-like thing? In 2013. My cousin and I made red velvet cupcakes.

  4. What part of your job is a piece of cake? The customer service part. I've been doing it for so long (and as a manager, too) that being nice to customers or putting them at ease is second nature.

  5. Where have you had a really good cupcake? Magnolia Bakery in NYC. The last time I went there was eight years ago, but their carrot cupcake and PB&J cupcake still stand out to me.

  6. Bonus question: What are your thoughts on icing? I don't care about icing (which is usually thinner and way more sugary), but I do like frosting, which is thick and fluffy, and usually comes in buttercream or cream cheese. But it has to go with something else, like cake or macarons. And it has to be in the right ratio, depending on what it is. And I am definitely not someone who can eat frosting by itself.

2 comments on "Friday Five: She’s going the distance; she’s going for speed"
  1. I'm with you. Pie all the way. I have a friend who doesn't like cake or pie, so when she got married (okay, it was an ex), she had a tiered wedding brownie.

    They opened a Magnolia here in Honolulu and for some reason it only lasted a year.

    1. Ah, it's alright, I love macarons but I know people who don't like them. But I just say people haven't had good macarons. I used to be indifferent to them and then I tried Laduree and my whole view on macarons changed. Still, though... who picks brownies over pie? :P

      I think the whole thing with Magnolia in NYC is that they rely a lot on foot traffic, "best of" lists, and hype from Sex and the City. Honestly, without that show, I don't think Magnolia would've gotten big at all. But when you take the bakery out of the city, I think it kinda loses its rustic charm. And quite frankly, if I was visiting Hawaii, I'd wanna go to where the locals go, not where the tourists go.


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