Friday Five: Scattergories, Part 10!

Friday, July 24, 2020
This week's Friday Five:

My letter set by the Random Letter Generator: P

  1. What's something in your pantry, beginning with the letter? Pasta.

  2. What's something in your car, beginning with the letter? Parking pass.

  3. What's something you miss, beginning with the letter? Pork soup dumplings.

  4. What's a character trait you admire but lack, beginning with the letter? Proactiveness.

  5. What's a regular inconvenience, beginning with the letter? Phone charging.

4 comments on "Friday Five: Scattergories, Part 10!"
  1. Oh man, XLB is a great answer. I want to sit in a hole-in-the wall Chinese restaurant and order XLB and turnip cakes from a rude waitress whose attitude is that I'm paying for good food, not an experience.

    1. Unnghh, same. I haven't been at all this year and the craving is unreal. And it's never the same if you get it to-go or delivered. :(

  2. Phone charging, for the win. Biggest inconvenience in my day-to-day existence.

    1. Absolutely. Phone charger companies make a killing 'cause they know you'll need at least one additional one, too.


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