Friday Five: Both sides now

Friday, June 5, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What side of you do people at work never see? My BTS ARMY side. Like, some of my colleagues know that I'm a BTS fan, but they don't know to what degree...

  2. What will you be doing outside this weekend? Taking long walks. Well, on Sunday, at least, 'cause I work Saturdays now. But my days off are really the only time I can actually get outside for any extended period, so that's when I get my exercise and fresh air in.

  3. What usual side dish do you frequently enjoy as an entree? Poutine, obviously.

  4. What food that is flipped during cooking have you most recently consumed? It's occurred to me that I don't eat flipped food often. The last that I can recall is the steak I had three weeks ago.

  5. What's recently been a thorn in your side? The supremely annoying and inconvenient connectivity issues from having to work from home. Network issues, software issues, remoting issues. Seriously, it's a new problem every goddamn day.
2 comments on "Friday Five: Both sides now"
  1. I spent a summer on a lake in northern New York, where I fell in love with cheese curds. Didn't hear about poutine until later, and now I might fly to Canada just for that. There have been local joints around here who've offered their versions, but I'm told none of them used actual cheese curds, so I didn't even bother.

    I'm still working on those carrot cake Oreos. I have another Oreo variety in the cabinet ready to go, but it might be another week. What about you?

    1. You must come here to eat poutine. MUST. And you gotta go to Quebec to get the best ones. Maybe make a trip to Montreal. I literally go to Montreal just to eat poutine. (And Montreal smoked meat sandwiches.) I don't know a single Canadian that doesn't ADORE poutine. (Then again, I don't have vegan friends, so.)

      I actually didn't buy any snacks yet! Those chips and cookies I bought last weekend have lasted me the whole week. Will probably get some new snacks next time I hit up the corner store, though. I've been craving kettle chips again, lol. And maybe a party mix. :)


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