Friday 5: Social Distancing

Friday, March 13, 2020
This week's Friday Five:
  1. In what ways have recent events altered your everyday life or your plans? Nothing really significant yet (KNOCK ON WOOD) aside from having to sanitize my hands every time I go outside or leave a room and stocking up on toilet paper because there's a shortage of it in Toronto now. However, things could drastically change in the upcoming weeks with today's announcement of all sports leagues suspending their seasons as well as our own prime minster's wife testing positive for coronavirus (and thus he is also in self-isolation). Public schools here have been suspended for two weeks after March break, as well as most universities, and all city-operated programs and facilities have also been shut down. At this rate, it's only a matter of time before they stop running public transit and close down malls and other retail outlets, banks, and restaurants.

  2. Where's a good place to dine out if you want to practice comfortable social distancing? I find that it's more about when to dine out rather than where. Most eateries here will be slow after the lunch rush and before dinner service, as well as late-night. Actually, late-night (as in, after 11:00PM) at most Tim Hortons locations is a good time to practice comfortable social distancing. Although that's also the time when they have the least food options, so I guess it comes down to what's more important: the dining aspect or comfortable social distancing.

  3. How's your mood lately? It's been good for the most part, but of course, I'm getting increasingly worried as the coronavirus gets more and more rampant worldwide. Stress and panic are spreading like wildfire in Toronto (even our mayor is in self-isolation) and it's hard not to get caught up in it.

  4. If you're forced to isolate at home for a couple of weeks, what would be your primary source of entertainment? BTS, K-dramas, and YouTube.

  5. How do you think you'd be able to handle two weeks of isolation at home, assuming whoever you live with (if anyone) would do the same? See #4. Honestly, when I was unemployed for two months, I was pretty much staying at home all the time, anyway.
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